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Newsletter May #1 2016

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Fear This Man And His Hacking Empire

Hacking Team is among the few dozen private contractors feeding the world's law enforcement & intelligence agencies with spyware. read more


Bangladesh Bank Hackers Compromised SWIFT

Attackers who stole $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank hacked into software from the SWIFT financial platform. read more


Is Predictive Policing The Future?

As big data transforms industries ranging from retailing to health care, police forces are turning to data & analysis to boost their effectiveness. read more


Implementing EU Privacy Laws Requires 28,000 New Data Professionals

European companies need to hire over 28,000 new data protection officers to comply with EU General Data Protection Regulations. read more


Snowden Intervenes In The Encryption Debate

Speaking from safety in Moscow, Edward Snowden argues that the security of the Internet is more important than the convenience of law  enforcement. read more


US Army's $12bn Mobile Internet Is Vulnerable

Improvements are needed to user training techniques, procedures, hardware and software enhancement to harden against cyber-threats. read more


South Korea Is #1 Source Of DDoS Attacks

S.Korea accounts for a proportion of global DDoS responsibility more than the next three countries combined. read more


Disrupting ISIS Online In Africa

Islamic State has successfully developed online strategies to augment its control of territory in Africa and counter-efforts are struggling. read more


Insurers Are Getting Smarter About Cyber Insurance

Is 2016 the year insurance companies take a mature approach to underwriting cyber insurance policies? read more


Global Cyber Alliance To Tackle The Biggest Risks

An international, cross-sector effort designed to confront, address, and prevent malicious cyber activity. read more


Cybersecurity Training For US Undergraduates Is Dismal

Graded F. A recent study reveals the dismal state of cybersecurity education available to US undergraduates. read more


The Future Of Cash (£)

The Cambridge Security Initiative has recently completed a report entitled 'Cash is King' and its outline findings are laid out here  (subscribe)

Driverless Trucks Are On The Way

No technology will automate away more jobs or drive more economic efficiency than the driverless truck. read more

US Cyber Bombs On ISIS Change The Nature Cyber War

US Cyber Command is going on the offensive with aggressive online operations to augment lethal conventional military force with cyber capabilities. read more

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