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Newsletter May #2 2016

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No Phone Is Safe From Hackers & Spies

The illusion of privacy: Hackers only need your phone number in order to listen in on phone calls, read texts or track your geographic location. read more


Search It Yourself: Panama Papers Database Goes Public

The ICIJ body behind the Panama Papers revelations makes an enormous database of financial data public today. read more


Zuckerberg Thinks AI Will Know Everything About You

Both Facebook and Google are pursuing machine learning technologies to take a deep look  into what each of their users is posting, sharing & consuming. read more


Spying On You In Britain

Since the late 1990s UK agencies have collected bulk personal data about many people who are "unlikely to be of intelligence or security interest". read more


US National Intelligence Director Says Snowden Hastened Encryption By 7 Years

James Clapper says Edward Snowden's actions had an accelerator effect on commercially available encryption, making it much harder to track terrorists. read more


Hit By DDoS? You Will Be Hit Again…

More than 80% of DDoS victims are attacked a second time. read more


One Massive Hack Last Year - Nobody Noticed!

Hackers stole a database with the details of 57 million people.The breach was discovered only after the data was put up for sale on the dark web. read more


E-stonia: Antithesis of Russia

Estonia's government wants to make it 'impossible to do bad things' on the Internet. read more


Automated Malware Analysis Is Central To Defense Strategies

Research firm Forrester are hailing automated malware analysis as a big step forward in network security. read more


Cyber "Best Practices" Are About To Change

The solution to our cyber crisis is not as difficult to understand as most people think.  Opinion by Christopher Murphy read more


Pentagon Wants to 'Fingerprint' The World's Hackers

DARPA plans to track hackers to create "algorithms for developing predictive behavioral profiles," linking malicious activity to individuals. read more


Important IT Security Requirements

The implementation of cyber security skills and resilient IT security departments have significantly increased in the last 18 months. It's a vital issue that all business leader need to fully understand. read more  subscribe

US Spies Want A Laser Gun Bomb Detector

A hand-held, laser-based remote sensor to detect and identify chemical weapons, explosives, narcotics & biological agents from 100 feet away. read more

Cyber Stalking: It's Real & Potentially Deadly

When a "digital issue" became a real life danger. read more  subscribe

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