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Newsletter May #3 2016

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Only Humans, Not Computers, Can Learn Or Predict

The predictive powers of computers will work nicely where reality does not change. Where there are dramatic, unpredictable changes, they will fail. read more


Hit By A DDoS Attack? You Will Be Hit Again…

More than 80% of DDoS victims are attacked a second time. read more


FinTech Is Replacing Financial Services Workers

The world of finance is being transformed by emerging technologies and that will mean lots of lost jobs. read more


Think You Know Your Customers? Try Authenticating Them

Customer demands are increasing and changing  rapidly, forcing companies to adopt new technologies that scale with their business security needs. read more


Exposing Cybercrime As A  Business Model

Trustwave reveal how sophisticated criminal organisations are most likely to attack, and more importantly, how potential victims can defend their assets. read more


Hacking Team Postmortem

Hacking Team sells intrusion and surveillance tools to governments and law enforcement agencies. Nine months ago they were hacked. read more


Tech Jobs Would Be Great, If It Wasn't For The Users

IT jobs would be so much better if they didn't have to deal with other people. read more


Ransomware Everywhere: What's The Technology Behind It?

According to the FBI, US companies paid $25 million in ransom last year, and it expects the 2016 total to be more than $200 million. Up to date defence is critical.  read more


Islamic State  Forms Mega Hacking Group

The super hacking unit is labeled United Cyber Caliphate (UCC). read more


Anonymous Declares War On Global Banks

The hacking collective Anonymous has launched a thirty-day campaign against global banks. read more


Britain's Border Control Systems Keep Falling Over

The system that provides a critical additional layer of security by screening all passengers against lists of suspected individuals does not work reliably. read more


Cyber Stalking: It's Real & Potentially Deadly (£)

When a "digital issue" became a real life danger. read more  subscribe

Tracking Islamic State Impeded By Encryption

Islamic State  is the 'most sophisticated' user of the Internet and the available technologies to ensure end-to-end encryption. read more

Bank Launches Big Data Insight Product For SMEs

A new online service to provide insights and deeper analysis of customer transactions and  highlight behaviour and spending patterns. read more

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