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Newsletter May #4 2016

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Cyberwar: The Smart Person's Guide

Cyberwarfare is real. Governments are pouring £billions into making sure they can fight battles on the internet and you might get caught in the crossfire. read more


Hacking Team Postmortem

Hacking Team sells intrusion and surveillance tools to governments and law enforcement agencies. Nine months ago they were hacked. read more


Cyber Insurance: Security Tool or Hype?

Cyber insurance fits into the broader context of a security strategy focused on risk mitigation. read more


Related Aspects Of A Breach: Impact Of Partners & Suppliers

Analysis of the giant breach at retailer Target shows that business partners and suppliers can spell big trouble for an organization's security. read more


Enhanced Attribution Program To Identify & Track Hackers Worldwide

Pentagon researchers want to consistently identify virtual personas and individual malicious cyber operators across different endpoint devices. read more


China Denounces Pentagon Cyberwarfare Report

China does not like a new new US Defense Department report that puts a spotlight on cyberwarfare. read more


International Co-Operation: Challenges & Potential For Engaging In Cyberspace

International norms in cyber security are headed into a period of turbulence.  Opinion by Jamie Collier read more


As Pentagon Dawdles, Silicon Valley Sells It's Hottest Technology Abroad

Technolgy CEOs say red tape and onerous requirements are undermining just the sorts of products that the Pentagon says it wants. read more


Vulnerable Australia Boosts National Cyber Security

Australia introduces a multi-million-dollar national cybersecurity policy to combat hacking but stops short of blaming recent attacks on China. read more


'Guccifer' Claims He Got Inside Hillary Clinton's Server

Romanian hacker claims to have gained access to the former US Secretary of State's Clinton's "completely unsecured" server. read more


Could Bitcoin's Blockchain Run An Entire City?

The smart city is not a pipe dream, but it is a big, intimidating problem. Blockchain technology could solve that. read more


Pushing Back Sexism: A New Era For Women In Technology

Women are challenging global technology companies and empowering themselves and each other to be safer online. read more


CyberScape – The Growing Influence of Cyber Threats (£)

Cyber issues have entered most of the areas of any organisation's systems and often, routine working methods and communications. read more subscribe

Google Hiring People To Test Self-Driving Cars

Help Wanted: Strong nerves and the ability to give  concise engineering feedback required. read more

Russian Hackers Try To Attack German Governing Party

Pawn Storm hackers appear to be trying to steal personal and corporate data from the governing CDU party and other high-profile individuals. read more

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