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Newsletter November #1 2016

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UK To Increase National Cyber Defences

Britain plans to invest £1.9 billion in a new strategy to protect national infrastructure with stronger cyber defences and the ability to strike back when attacked. read more


MI5 Head: Russia Is A Growing Threat

MI5 says Russia poses an increasing threat to the stability of the UK and is using all the sophisticated tools it has available to achieve this aim. read more


US Has A Strategy To Defend Against Another Massive IoT Attack

The US Dept. of Homeland Security is working fast to find ways to prevent another DDOS service attack like the one that occurred on October 22nd. read more


2016 Trends In Cybercrime

According to Europol, the volume, scope and costs of cybercrime have reached very high levels and are set to get even higher. read more


Decrypting the Dark Web

Data analysis can highlight the trends in communication between bad actors who gather in underground forums across the Dark Web. read more


Future Of Security: Connect Cyber With Physical Defence

With more things gaining web connectivity as part of the prevailing IoT trend, organisations cannot afford to separate physical security from cybersecurity. read more


Yes, US Voting Machines Are Vulnerable To Hacking

It's not a hypothetical security problem and Russian hackers have already successfully undermined democratic processes in Ukraine. read more


Europol Warning: Crypto-Ransomware Threat

Crypto-ransomware is now the biggest malware threat facing law enforcers, according to the latest annual Europol Report on the threat landscape. read more


Internet of Insecure Things

It Could Be A Nightmare: The Internet of Things just keeps getting murkier and more problematic. read more


Christmas Is Cancelled: EU Running A Big Cyberwar Simulation

With growing tension over domestic terror attacks  as well as on the borders with Ukraine & the Baltic states, ENISA is gaming a Christmas cyberwar. read more


Meet The Fancy Bears

A mysterious group of Russian hackers, known by  several different names, are perpetrating a string of high profile and politically motivated hacks. read more


Shadow Brokers Release Secret List Of NSA-Compromised Servers

The Shadow Brokers hacking group who claimed to have leaked a portion of the NSA's hacking tools & exploits is back with a Bang. read more


Strategies For A Cyber Security Culture (£)

Creating a culture of Cyber Sensitivity is now a corporate / business priority that should be well understood and engaged with at the Board level. read more

How To Win The Cyberwar Against Russia

Russia's election-year hacking of the US political system is an unprecedented situation for the American national security establishment. read more

Data Strategies Not Keeping Up With Cloud Migration

Enterprise data protection strategies might not be fully aligned with IT modernization initiatives driven by cloud computing. read more

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