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Newsletter November #2 2016

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Fears Of Hacked US Election Ebb Away

The US government assertions that Russia was destabilising  the election and Donald Trump's claim the process was rigged have come to nothing. read more


WhatsApp U-turn On Privacy Gets EU Challenge

EU Data Protection rules will be tested by WhatsApp's U Turn on sharing user data with Facebook. read more


Hackers Target All The Major UK Banks

A new active Angler phishing campaign has been identified by security researchers, which is targeting all major UK banks and their customers. read more


Big Hack At Tesco Bank – Money Vanished

Tesco Bank halted online payments for current account customers after 'over £10m' was taken from 20,000 accounts. read more


International Police Start Crackdown On The DarkNet

Law enforcement is staging a worlwide crackdown on DarkNet web sites, targeting merchants and customers for illegal drugs and goods. read more


IoT Is A Cyberwar Nightmare

The world got a glimpse of the future when a large-scale cyberattack prevented access to many key websites, exposing big concerns about the IoT. read more


Russian General Brags About Cyberwar Successes

Russian General Valery Gerasimov advocates covert and propaganda tactics to cause a perfectly thriving state to "sink into a web of chaos". read more


NATO Cyberwar: Establishing Rules Of Engagement

Counter-measures are operations that would otherwise be unlawful but can be used if the purpose is to stop another state from violating international law. read more


New IoT Chips Can See, Think & Act Autonomously

The new generation of chips powering the Internet of Things  have some quite remarkable capabilities. read more


Smartphone Attachment Can Detect Cancer

A portable sensor that uses a smartphone's camera to detect a biological indicator for several types of cancers with 99% accuracy. read more


No Need To Shoot Down Drones – Just Hijack Them

It's possible to hijack a wide variety of radio- controlled aircraft and other devices that use a popular wireless transmission technology. read more


GCHQ's Cyber Insiders Summer School

How to be a Cyber Spy: Learn from 'world-class experts' in a 'cooperative' and 'relaxed' environment in a state-of the- art facility in Cheltenham. read more


Using The Internet Effectively For Competitor Analysis (£)

The web is full of data and analytical materials that, properly organised, can be used to clarify & offer focus in understanding your competitive positioning. read more

Healthcare Industry Lacks Basic Security Knowhow

Levels of security awareness in Health care are lower than average and this sector is particularly vulnerable to social-engineering style attacks. read more

US Banking Regulator Suffers A Major Data Breach

Careless Or Malicious? Retired employee departs with sensitive information on a portable device that has now gone missing. read more

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