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Newsletter November #3 2016

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Company Directors Should Have Personal Liability For Data Breaches

The UK's Information Commissioner recommends government should hold company directors personally accountable for for data breaches. read more


Six Things Every Director Should Know About Cyber Security (£)

Commercial Security and Cyber Security are no longer just IT problems - they are Business Critical  read more


The US Cyber Threat Against Russia

Off The Record: The US has penetrated Russia's electric grid, telecommunications networks and the Kremlin's command systems. read more


UK Will Retaliate Against Cyberattacks

Preparing To Retaliate: Hostile "foreign actors" are developing techniques that threaten the UK's electrical grid and airports. read more


Black Hat Europe Is Worried About Metadata

Metadata is being collected on us by new technologies and government actions, but is there really the intelligence to join the dots? read more


France Creates A Big Brother Data File

France has created a central database containing biometric and personal information of its citizens, raising concerns about privacy & freedom. read more


How Businesses Can Prevent Point-of-Sale Attacks

Retailers are victimized through the same Achilles' heel: the point-of-sale system, where customers' payment data is routinely processed. read more


Cant Be Bothered: Non-Security Policy Used By 90% Of Workers

Most workers put convenience ahead of security policies, with 90% of them admitting to ignoring them when they feel they need to. read more


AI & Machine Learning Market  To Grow Fivefold By 2020

IBM say the cognitive systems market is worth $8 billion in 2016. Including AI and Machine Learning, this is forecast to grow to $47 billion by 2020. read more


Internet of Things: 2017 Predictions

Experts are beginning to recognise that the IoT's potential to fuel business growth is accompanied by multifaceted complexity. read more


Jason Bourne: Envisioning A 'frightening' Cyberwar

Fact Or Fiction: Bourne's author "extrapolating" from his new  thriller a "frightening" scenario of cyberwarfare that could inflict the real world. read more


Could You Be A UK Cyber-Warrior?

A crack team of 50 'brilliant brains' is to be recruited by the UK Government to defend the country against hacking attacks. read more


Free Access: Cyber Security Service Provider Directory

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Cyber Attack Takes Liberia's Entire Internet Down

A cyber-attack knocked Liberia's internet offline, as hackers targeted the nation's infrastructure using a mass DDOS technique. read more

A Career In Cyber Security Governance?

Cyber security governance jobs are growing  faster than those in IT and there just aren't enough skilled professionals to fill the available jobs. read more

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