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Newsletter November #4 2016

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Spies Use Tinder

Surveillance & Infiltration are not new tactics and collecting data from social media shows how the Internet is bringing it all to a whole new level. read more


Welcome To A World Without Work (W3)

Automation, driverless cars and drones - a new age is dawning. Whether it is a wonderful one or a terrible one remains to be seen. read more


Will The US Will Win A Cyber War With China In 2017?

Overconfident:The Rand Corporation think that the US will soon  have a clear advantage over China in cyber war scenarios set in the S.China sea. read more


Was Donald Trump's Surprise Victory Hidden In The Data?

A dawning realisation that the Technology industry missed something fundamental about the fears & motivations of the people who use its products. read more


Google & Facebook Ban Fake News Sites

It's too late now: Google and Facebook are taking steps to control fake news by closing down access to their advertising networks. read more


Snowden 2.0: Its Déjà Vu All Over Again At The NSA

Following a secret arrest, the NSA has now confirmed that another one of its subcontractors is charged with having stolen confidential data. read more


Three Step Pogram: Pre-Breach Remedies To Contain The Costs Of A Cyber Attack

Data breaches are very costly. Organisations should consider three basic steps to ensure they are prepared to remedy a future breach. read more


BlackNurse DDoS Attacks. Small But Mighty

BlackNurse is a revolutionary cyber-attack technology. Hackers only need a laptop and minimal data to perform a crippling DDoS attack. read more


Russia To Block LinkedIn

LinkedIn will be blocked in Russia after it failed to move personal data storage to the country in compliance with new security regulations. read more


Bitcoin Just Isn't Anonymous Enough

The anonymity of Bitcoin has gained it many criminal users. Now, though, it's looking like the digital currency isn't quite anonymous enough. read more


Artificial Intelligence: AI Fact & Fiction

Artificial intelligence is the science of making smart machines and it has come a long way since the term was coined in the 1950s. Good or bad? read more


German Spy Chief Fears Russian Interference In  2017 Elections

Germany is alarmed that Russia may seek to interfere in its 2017 national elections, echoing US concerns prior to Donald Trump's victory. read more


Cultural Strategies For Data Security (£)

Information security is a complicated and often difficult subject for business leaders to understand. Here are some coping methods. read more

NSA Chief Has A Special  Phone For Top-Secret Messaging

There's no such thing as a perfectly secure phone, especially if it also connects to the Internet. read more

Cisco Says It Will Make The IoT Safe

Cisco Systems is making a play for the fundamental process of putting IoT devices online, promising businesses greater security. read more

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