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Newsletter October #3 2016

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US And Russia Face Off Over Syria & Cyber Attacks

Relations between the US and Russia take a nosedive. Will their global cyber conflict escalate? read more


Hacking The Vote: Russia Wins, America Loses

Russia has finally issued a response to the allegations of hacking American government servers and it is not very subtle. read more


The New US President Must Win The Cyber War

America's Cold War has become a Code War and whoever is the next US president must commit to winning the growing cyber conflict. read more


Hillary Clinton Says WikiLeaks Is 'Russian Propaganda'

Clinton fires back as Wikileaks release more hacked emails, calling the website a "propaganda arm of the Russian government". What's going on? read more


Trump Calls For The Of Use Offensive Weapons

Donald Trump says the US should use offensive Cyber weapons in an aggressive response to attacks from other nations. read more


Future War - Extremely Fast And Lethal

Imagine war accelerated by Artificial Intelligence and precision munitions, nested in a larger strategic sphere where everything is moving at Internet velocity. read more


Stolen NSA Hacking Tools For Sale In Bizarre Auction

The hackers who are auctioning off the cyberweapons allegedly stolen from the NSA are growing annoyed and want cash. read more


US Security Bureau Finally Reacts To Snowden

The empty stable door is firmly bolted shut with the creation of  a new US agency to protect federal data and screen out unsuitable employees. read more


The Science of Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is a new technique that helps security organisations recognise attack indicators and target their response fast & accurately. read more


Dealing With Insider Data Theft

To learn that your company's confidential data was stolen, not by a hacker, but by an employee, is a nightmare scenario nobody wants to face. read more


Overwhelming Cyber Attacks On Healthcare

Healthcare organisations struggle to manage the risks of massive data breaches, which are hard to detect and often take months to discover. read more


Cybersecurity Is Just A Lot Of Trouble For The General Public

Security Fatigue: It's National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the US but a new study suggests that the general public are giving up. read more


Global Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber security is, by its very nature, a borderless pursuit and more nations should be getting involved. read more

It Seems NATO's Cyber-Capabilities Are Only Defensive

NATO's ability to respond offensively to Cyber-attacks is hindered by its previous inaction and inherent difficulties surrounding Cyber defense. read more

Pentagon Cyber Mission Force Is Ready To Rumble

Formation of the Pentagon's new 5,000 strong Cyber Mission Force is a key step in improving the US's ability to respond to hacks by overseas adversaries. read more

Career Opportunities At MI5

Interested in keeping fit, driving, the outdoors and travel? Covert Technical Operations Specialists - London  read more

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