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Newsletter September #1 2016

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Artificial Intelligence Has Finally Emerged Into Real Life

Robotics is about embedding rules into a technological process. AI is about embedding analytics into the process. read more


Enabling Computer Super Intelligence

ARM is designing a semiconductor on which the number of transistors is projected to exceed the number of cells in a human brain. read more


Deep Mystery: Looking For MH370

Researchers hunting for the lost Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 now believe the plane glided down & they have been searching the wrong patch of ocean. read more


Donald Trump Doesn't Understand Cyberwar

Donald Trump sat down with reporters from The New York Times for a rare, in-depth interview about his foreign policy ideas. Oh dear. read more


For Sale:  Leaked Terror Watch List

Stolen WorldCheck database containing a detailed list of suspected and convicted criminals & terrorists is reportedly being sold online for $2,300. read more


Made in Britain: Facebook's Drones

In a warehouse in Somerset UK, the latest phase in Facebook's bid for world domination has been taking shape. read more


Risky Business: Desktop Banking Declines As Users Switch To Apps

The use of internet banking on personal computers has fallen as users switch to mobile apps. read more


What's Your Personal Data Worth On The Dark Web?

Your personal information is going to be compromised at some point. How much is your ID, password or account number worth? read more


Too Much Information: Making Sense Of Big Data

The abundance of information online and across our various devices can overwhelm even the most technically savvy individuals. read more


Cyber Insurance: A Digital Necessity

All businesses, large or small, operate digitally in one form or another. They all need to protect themselves against their cybersecurity risk. read more


Cyber Spying Is All At Sea

Naval vessels intercept cyber information beyond national coastal boundaries, collecting emails and other Internet data. Both above and below the more


London's Police Chief Says Security Agencies Will Fail

Metropolitan Police Chief Bernard Hogan-Howe says international  security agencies can not prevent the type of terrorist attacks that have occurred in France, Belgium and Germany.  read more

Tools & Training To 'Hack Yourself' To Security

How to teach your blue team to think like the red team when your network is under attack and time is your most valuable asset. read more

Solutions To Automotive Cyber Hacking Risks

Hacking is now one of the auto industry's biggest concerns, especially as modern cars add more electronic controls and infotainment systems. read more

Where In The World Do The Cyber Villains Live?

Hackers work all around the world, but what's particularly surprising is how much the style of an attack depends on where it comes from. read more

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