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Newsletter September #2 2016

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The Hack That Could Swing The US Election

Stolen Data & Vulnerable Voting Machines: Could hackers have a real impact on the Presidential race? read more


SWIFT Discloses More Bank Thefts

The global bank transfer network is scrambling to secure it's systems as new vulnerabilities and undetected thefts are discovered. read more


Rio 2016 Olympic Games: IoT Technologies Win

The Rio 2016 games have brought a new aspect of technology to sports for live stadium audiences as well as television viewers. read more


15 Years After 9/11

Fifteen years ago this September 11th terrorists, using four jetliners as guided missiles, killed 2,977 people in New York. Is the USA any safer today? read more


Shadowbrokers Steal NSA Hacking Tools

A mystery hacking group says it has stolen the NSA's elite Equation Group's secret toolbox and is selling it to the highest bidder. Who are they? read more


NSA Hackers Demand One Million Bitcoin

The Shadowbrokers hold NSA secrets to ransom and want to be paid in everyone's favorite terror financing, money laundering currency - Bitcoin. read more


London Police Hire Law Firms To Tackle Cyber Criminals

Private law firms will be hired by police to pursue criminal suspects for profit, under a radical new scheme to target cyber criminals and fraudsters. read more


Russian Site Is A One-Stop Shop for CyberCrime

An "all-in-one" outsourced online shop for cyber-criminals looking for low-cost entry methods to sell their ill-gotten assets. read more


Red Team: IBM Cyber Security Service Revealed

Despite efforts to find autonomous solutions to cybersecurity problems, IBM believes that the human factor is still important. read more


The True Cost of Cybercrime In Brazil

It is estimated that  the Brazilian economy loses as much as $8 billion annually to cybercrime. read more


Keyless Entry Renders Millions Of Cars Vulnerable

Tens of millions of cars are made vulnerable to theft by keyless entry systems, according to a report by security experts. read more


Uber's First Self-Driving Cars

With a fleet of new vehicles ready to hit the road, Uber is fast catching up with Google in the race to introduce driverless cars. read more


Cyber Spy Group Uncovered After Years Of Attacks

Symantec and Kaspersky researchers have uncovered a new espionage group that is likely backed by a nation-state. read more

Interpol Catches The Leader Of $60m Cybercrime Gang

The ringleader of an international criminal network has been arrested in a joint cybercrime operation by Interpol and the Nigerian authorities. read more

What Happens When Two Countries Fight A Cyber War?

Imagine you woke up to find a massive cyber-attack on your country. The internet has been reduced to an error message & daily life has halted. read more

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