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Newsletter September #4 2016

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How Will Terrorists Use The Internet of Things?

What is the future for the IoT, when smart refrigerators can be used in DDOS attacks and LED lightbulbs can communicate? read more


GCHQ To Create A UK National Firewall

The UK's surveillance agency GCHQ is planning to create a British firewall offering national protection against malicious hackers. read more


Will NSA & CyberCom Split?

The NSA's primary mission to spy on friends and enemies abroad is in conflict with the secondary task of defending US Government agencies at home. read more


US Is Not Drawing 'Red Lines' in Cyberspace

The US government is avoiding drawing "red lines" in cyberspace to maintain strategic ambiguity about its intentions. read more


UK To Examine Phone Surveillance In Prisons

It is surprising that surveillance and tracking of mobile phone users in UK prisons has not been adopted earlier. read more


Cloud-Based Malware Delivers Ransomware

Concerns over ransomware are growing and a new study finds that nearly half of all cloud-based malware now delivers ransomware applications. read more


You Have Big Data, Or Perhaps Just Too Much Data?

Overload: There is more data available to organisations today than ever before. Is it all really useful? read more


Artificial Intelligence & The Future Of Cybersecurity

AI can be used  to detect threats, including those that are yet to be discovered, by identifying shared characteristics within families of threats. read more


A New Autonomous Tactical Drone

No Pilot. No GPS: The drone flies into a building and autonomously maps its interior using cameras, lasers, inertial & ultrasonic sensors. read more


Delete Google Maps But They'll Still Track You

Google, it seems, is very, very interested in knowing where you are at all times. read more


Social Media Sites - Cyber Weapons of Choice

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can't secure their own environments, let alone yours. It's time to sharpen your security know-how. read more


Uber Starts Self Driving Taxis

Uber users will get a surprise the next time they request a pickup: the option to ride in a self-driving car. read more


Tesla Announces Update To Self-Driving System

Tesla is updating its semi-autonomous driving system Autopilot with new limits on hands-off driving. read more

Australian Government Networks Hacked

Sensitive Australian Government and corporate computer networks have been penetrated by sophisticated cyber-attacks. read more

Who Are We In the Cyber World?

Reading List: Mary Aiken's book 'The Cyber Effect' is about how the Internet is shaping development, behavior and our perception of the world. read more

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