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Newsletter September #5 2016

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Careless: NSA Hacking Tools Theft An Operative's 'Mistake'

How did NSA's elite Equation Group lose it's prized hacking toolbox: Was it Russian hackers, a cunning double-bluff or just a stupid mistake? read more


Yahoo Data Breach Questions

Yahoo has revealed that 500 million customer accounts have been compromised following a major data breach. What happened? read more


FBI Director Covers His Webcam With Tape

Both Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and the FBI's James Comey think covering your webcam with tape might not be a bad idea. read more


How To Use Cybersecurity Big Data Effectively

A survey of US Federal  Agencies finds that the sheer volume of cybersecurity data is overwhelming and that most of it goes unused. read more


Are Cyber Breaches The New Norm?

Normal: The first half of 2016 saw 538 known breaches; 60 percent of businesses losing valuable IP and approximately 13m records exposed. read more


What To Do About Zero-Day Hacks

Zero Days exploits are so called because the victim has no time to fix the vulnerability. There is a big & growing market to fix such deadly urgent problems. read more


Encryption Gives Malware a Perfect Place to Hide

Nearly half of cyber-attacks this year have used malware hidden in encrypted traffic to evade detection. read more


Why Are Spear-Phishing Hacks So Successful?

Exploiting poor security. Tracking with spyware. Creating fake employee identities. It's all about information gathering. read more


A Peek Into French Signals Intelligence

France's former top SIGINT spy confirms an advanced persistent threat and opens up about Snowden as well as some other intelligence agencies. read more


Snowden: Delete/Never Use Allo App

Edward Snowden warns people not to use Google's new chat app because it allows the company read everything that they say. read more


New Cyber Tricks Make ISIS Sophisticated

Terror attacks in Europe have killed more than 200 people in the past 20 months, showing IS has  a new operational discipline & technical acumen. read more


Country Eye App For The Rural Community

Country Eye: A free App for the UK Rural and Agriculture community to capture intelligence on rural crime and report data to Police & other agencies. read more


Company Loses $44m Through Email Fraud

A simple email fraud tricked one international company's Finance Dept. into transferring 40m Euros to a fake foreign bank account. read more

Cybercrime Inc. Hackers Model Themselves On Big Business

Cybercrime is an industry involving major criminal groups, with ecosystems as well-structured as the corporations they are attempting to target. read more

Volkswagen Launches Automotive Cybersecurity Firm

Volkswagen has teamed up with Israeli cybersecurity experts to establish a new company dedicated to automotive security. read more

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