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Newsletter April #1 2017

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Britain Bombarded With High Level Cyber Attacks

Britain’s new cybersecurity chief says attacks by Russian and Chinese sponsored hackers have ‘threatened national security’ read more


Cybersecurity Breaches Cost UK Businesses £30 billion Last Year

More than half of British businesses fell victim to some form of cybercrime in 2016 at a cost of £29.1 billion. read more


Cyber Insurance: 7 Questions To Ask

Insurance for cybersecurity is different from other types of insurance because the nature of threats is constantly changing. read more


Why SMEs Need Cyber Insurance

Cybercrime targeting small and medium-sized businesses costs the UK an estimated £5.26bn a year. They need cyber insurance. read more


Would Killing Bitcoin End Ransomware?

Cybecriminals often demand payment in crypto-currency. Would ransomware attacks decrease or stop if Bitcoin ceased to exist? read more


Here Comes China’s Crypto-Currency

Forget about Bitcoin. China is busy converting the Renimbi to a digital format and this crypto-currency has the backing of an entire nation. read more


DeepMind Uses Blockchain To Track Health Data

Verifiable Data Audit: DeepMind Health will work with the NHS to track patient personal data in real-time. read more


Deep Learning Technologies

Computer scientists have developed tiny computers to make smarter, smaller sensors for medical devices and the IoT using much less energy. read more


Technology Will Demolish Slow Internet Speeds

New technologies, like DOCSIS 3.1 and 5G LTE will deliver multi-megabit, sub 100ms latency broadband connectivity almost everywhere. read more


Turn Threat Data Into Threat Intelligence

Using threat intelligence from others to protect your own organisation is a powerful concept - except when the other data is misleading or wrong. read more


The Cusp Of Merging Human With Machine

We are at the point where computers and machines are no longer going to be simply tools. Computers are becoming, literally, part of us. read more


Hong Kong’s 3.7m Voters Exposed in Massive Breach

Hong Kong has suffered its biggest ever data breach after the personal details 3.7 million voters were lost on stolen laptops. read more


Singapore Defence Ministry Under Remote Attack

Secure system used by military personnel to access the Internet through terminals at the ministry & other facilities has been compromised. read more

Wikileaks Vault 7 And The CIA Hacking Arsenal

The un-cover-up: The fact of the leak itself is probably more significant than the substance of what has thus far been revealed. read more

No Easy Fix For SME Cybersecurity

Small and medium sized businesses are frequent targets for cyber attacks and their results can be devastating. read more

Make The Most Of Data Analytics

Top Tips for HR on improving workforce diversity using Data Anayltics. read more

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