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Newsletter April #2 2017

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Trump Administration's's Policy On Cybersecurity

'If you're not thinking of cyber first, I don't know what you should be thinking about.' Increased spending on surveillance & encryption. read more


Geolocation, Russian Hackers & False Flag Operations

Experts at ICIT say malicious actors can easily position their breach so that it can be attributed to Russian state-sponsored hackers. read more


Cloudbleed Is Just The Latest Internet Security Disaster

A tiny coding bug has led to an unknown quantity of data, passwords, personal information, messages & cookies, to leak all over the Internet. read more


Ransomware 'customer support' Chat Reveals Criminals' Ruthlessness

Held to ransom by cyber extortionists? You might get easy payment terms, but absolutely no discount. read more


Four Steps To Managing Cyber Security Better

Company boards have a pressing fiduciary responsibility, to promote & support development of robust cybersecurity programmes. read more


Are Employees Your Weakest Link When It Comes To Security?

Your technology could have every safety feature and yet a lack of employee education could instantly compromise all of that. By Jane Frankland  read more


ISPs Can Tell Users About Infected Computers

ISPs can spot malicious patterns of activity over the Internet and even pinpoint the IP addresses that are being used for cybercrime. read more


ENISA’s Threat Rankings: From Malware To Cyber Spies

Europe's computer security agency has set out a list of the top online threats with a warning that hacking for profit is the biggest trend. read more


London Conference: Protecting Critical Infrastructure

SGG- Global: The Cybersecurity Protecting Critical Infrastructure Conference.
16th-17th May 2017 London read more


Russian Cyber Warfare:'Victory in Syria'

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has spoken out to promote Russia’s military successes using cyber and information warfare. read more


Google Lawsuit Could Be Fatal For Uber

With a $70bn valuation, Uber has won victories against regulators, taxi companies and many competitors. Now they face a challenge from Google. read more


UK Thinks Robots And AI Will Lift Economic Growth

Britain is making a £17m investment in expectation that the rise of the machines will boost the economy as it exits the European Union. read more


Rogers Wants To Buy Cyber Weapons 'Off The Shelf'

The NSA & US Cyber Command chief Adm. Mike Rogers is thinking of going to the private sector to buy the next generation of ready-made cyber weapons. read more

US Buys Mysterious ISIS Drone Killer

The US Air Force is trying to counter small armed drones and is testing multiple technologies and systems to counter deadly ISIS UAVs in Mosul. read more

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