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Newsletter April #3 2017

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WikiLeaks Has Published The CIA’s Secrets For Infecting Windows

Wikileaks' latest release of CIA secret hacking tools includes software to build customised malware to compromise computers running Windows. read more


London Terrorist Attack Is A Wake-Up Call For Social Media

London Police Chief warns social media giants Facebook, Google & Twitter to 'put their house in order' following the deadly attack on Westminster. read more


FBI’s International Framework On Encrypted Data Access

FBI Direcor James Comey wants an international agreement between governments to ease fears about IT products with government-mandated backdoors. read more


Insurers Get Much More Cautious About Cyber Risk

Major US insurer Anthem wants reviews of computer usage by customers seeking damages to deteremine if it is solely their client’s fault. read more


Strategies To Prevent 85% Of Cyber Attacks

If network administrators implement these seven basic precautions they could prevent as many as 85 percent of targeted cyber attacks. read more


To Stop Data Breaches Start With Databases

A common source for numerous large scale data breaches are poorly secured databases that connect directly to the internet. read more


Ageing Energy Systems Hold Huge Potential For Cyber Attack

The systems that run the US electricity grid, gas pipelines & other critical infrastructure have 25 years’ worth of vulnerabilities that need fixing. read more


French Gets Ready For Cyber Warfare

France has a plan to train a new cadre of cyber experts to counter attacks on critical infrastructure and other attempts at digital destabilization. read more


Russian Propaganda Connections

Fake news stories are generated by unrecognisable websites using anonymous sources, hoping to be picked up by mainstream media. read more


Facebook Accused Of Publishing Child Pornography

Facebook is at risk of prosecution in Britain for refusing to remove potentially illegal terrorist and child pornography content. read more


Cyber War Calls For A New Look US Soldier

Passing basic training and a drugs test: The best cyber warriors don’t always make the best soldiers. read more


Zello Protest App Blocked in Russia

The Russian government has blocked user access to the Zello App which is being  used to co-ordinate widespread protests. read more


Afraid Of AI Taking Your Job?

A lot of people are still afraid that emerging technology will steal their jobs. Should you be thinking about retraining? read more

TeamSpy Malware Returns to Steal Data

A new spam campaign has emerged using the TeamSpy data-stealing malware which gives cybercriminals full access to compromised computers. read more

Half Of All Canadian Businesses Hacked

Fifty percent Of Canadian bosses say that they know for certain that their company experienced a breach. A further 10% thought they probably had. read more

London Conference: Protecting Critical Infrastructure

SGG- Global: The Cybersecurity Protecting Critical Infrastructure Conference.
16th-17th May 2017 London. read more


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