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Newsletter August #1 2017

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CIA Malware Unveiled

Wikileaks' latest release of CIA secret exploits include previously unknown malware developed by major US defence contractor, Raytheon. read more


Three Most In-Demand Cybersecurity Jobs

Cybersecurity jobs rank among the most difficult to fill in any enterprise, with the talent gap expected to reach 1.8 million jobs by 2022. It's a candidates market. read more


WannaCry Drives Cyber Insurance

One effect of WannaCry compared to other high profile attacks is an unprecedented jump and a sustained interest in corporate cyber insurance. read more


Russian Arrested For $4billion Bitcoin Theft

The “internationally sought mastermind  of a crime organisation” Alexander Vinnik is accused of laundering more than $4bn in bitcoin. read more


UK National Cyber Security Centre Has Not Certified Kaspersky

The National Cyber Security Centre has never certified products from Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab. read more


Trump Tells US Cyber Command To Get More Aggressive

The Trump administration is pushing forward with its plan to make US Cyber Command increase the nation’s offensive and defensive cyber capabilities. read more


Why We Need A Transatlantic Charter for Data Security & Mobility

Common guidelines for data flows are crucial  to protect the goods & services that depend on big data and to support productivity gains. Opinion by Christopher Smart read more:


Room At The Top For Women In Tech

It is possible for the tech industry, including data and analytics, to increase the number of C-suite women, even though it is starting from a low base. read more


Cybersecurity Habits Across The Generations

Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z. It turns out the younger you are, the less you care about online security. read more


Data Threat: Your Ex-Employees

Despite increasing cybersecurity awareness, many businesses are not doing enough to guard against security threats brought on by ex-employees. read more


Hunters Take Down Terrorists On The Internet

Freelancers are hunting down terrorist content across social media platforms and messaging apps, doing a job the tech companies don't. read more


IoT Is Becoming A Nightmare For IT

The Internet of Things, at its simplest level, is about connecting smart devices but it is far from a simple challenge for IT departments. read more


Cybercrime Is A Boardroom Issue

The threat of cybercrime has outgrown the scope of IT departments and senior managers need to start taking cybersecurity seriously. read more Spammed 7million Users

UK rules on direct marketing emails are more strict than widely thought, as and Morrisons supermarkets have discovered. read more

Cybersecurity Is More Difficult Than 2 Years Ago

Over 70 percent of cybersecurity and IT professionals believe cybersecurity analytics and operations are more difficult now. What are the reasons? read more

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