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Newsletter August #2 2017

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N. Korea's Real Threat To The World Is Cyberwar

For a country that’s as “off the grid” as you can get, North Korea is remarkably plugged in to cyberwarfare. read more


Briton Who Stopped WannaCry Arrested

"Accidental Hero" who found the hidden Wannacry killswitch is arrested by the FBI charged with writing malicious software targeting bank accounts. read more


Russia Will Try To Hack German Elections

The appearance of normality as Germany prepares for national elections conceals the question of how Russia will inject itself into the ballot. read more


S. Korea Spy Agency Attempted To Rig Elections

Electoral manipulation. Fake news. Surveillance of opposition politicians. That doesn't happen in mature democratic countries, does it? read more


Snowden Criticises Russian Decision To Ban VPNs

"If the next generation is to enjoy the online liberties ours did, innocuous traffic must become truly indistinguishable from the sensitive." read more


Top US Cyber Official Resigns

The State Dept. 'Cyber Co-ordinator' responsible for the development of an international legal framework for cyberspace has quit his job. read more


Data Scientists Remain Top Of ‘most wanted’ Employees

Data science is revolutionising every industry, from finance to healthcare, media to advertising, the start-up world to global corporates. And the pay is good. read more


The Rise Of The Introvert: Is There An IT Personality?

Clichés about introverted personality types dominate jokes about the IT, security and espionage professions. Is there any truth in the stories? read more


Room At The Top For Women In Tech

It is possible for the tech industry, including data and analytics, to increase the number of C-suite women, even  starting from a low base? read more


Cyber Criminals Target Your Text

A text message scam called "smishing" that can infect your smartphone and enable thieves to steal your personal information. read more


Hackers Steal Game of Thrones

TV producer HBO has been the target of a cyberattack, suffering  theft of full episodes of upcoming shows of the hit series 'Game of Thrones'. read more


TalkTalk Still Feeling The Effects Of Cyber Attack

UK telecoms business TalkTalk continues to count the costs of data breach: Profits hammered. Customers deserting. The CEO replaced. read more


What Will The Car Of 2040 Be Like?

The car of the future is still in flux with driver autonomy & powertrains in question: There are broadly two routes down which the car can wind to 2040. read more

88% Feel Vulnerable To Data Threats

Organisations are increasingly aware of the threat posed by data breaches, according to Thales’ 2017 Data Threat Report. read more

London Police Hampered By Encryption

London's Met Police chief says the fight against terrorism is being made tougher by encryption on the web and messaging services like WhatsApp. read more

UK Drone Registration Coming

The UK government has announced a plan to require drone owners to register their devices with the aim of ensuring safer use of the technology. read more

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