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Newsletter August #4 2017

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Terrorism, A Sea Change In Tactics

Barcelona Attack: At the heart of the issue is the use of social and encrypted networks in a social media enabled society. By Vasco Da Cruz Almador read more


N. Korea Will Unleash Cyber Attacks On The US

US officials are increasingly concerned the rogue regime will respond to international pressure by lashing out with a weapon that it has already mastered. read more


Tech Can Solve The Brexit Border Puzzle

Can technology create 'frictionless borders' so that importers and exporters will hardly notice any change when the UK separates from the EU? read more


10 GDPR Myths Debunked

A lack of preparation for GDPR may bring significant, expensive and highly unwelcome repercussions. read more


Artificial Intelligence: A Warning

Elon Musk repeats his warning about the dangers of AI, saying it poses “vastly more risk” than the apparent nuclear capabilities of North Korea. read more


Loss Of Cyber Expertise Is A Problem For Trump

The Trump administration has lost significant individuals serving in top cybersecurity roles across the federal government. That's a problem. read more


What Is A Good Cyber Strategy?

Cybersecurity has never been more important for business. Cyber-attacks are becoming ever more ambitious and a systematic response is needed. read more


HBO Offers Hackers $250,000 'bug bounty'

HBO reportedly offered $250,000 in payment of ransom to the group that hacked its servers under the guise of a “bug bounty”. read more


Chinese Satellite Sends Hack-Proof Messages

The Micius communications satellite has successfully sent "hack-proof" messages using quantum encryption. read more


The “augmented human” Concept Becomes Finacial Reality

We carry health sensors on our wrists and our Apple Watch is becoming our personal physician. These concepts are transforming the insurance industry. read more


Learning About ISIS Intentions Using Open Source Intelligence

In Plain Sight: ISIS is encouraging its operatives & supporters around the globe to carry out attacks in their own countries. read more


Interpol & Group-IB Unmasking Pro-ISIS Hackers

Interpol has teamed up with Russian security firm Group-IB in an effort to identify the members of a pro-ISIS hacker group. read more


Fighting Digital Crime: Evolving Police Methods

As the cybercrime landscape continues to evolve, methods of policing it must change as well. read more

Hackers Target The Shipping Industry

The shipping industry is now painfully aware that physical shipping operations are vulnerable to digital disruption. read more

4 Steps Toward A GDPR Compliance Audit

Many organisations are starting to feel stressed and perhaps a bit confused by the General Data Protection Regulation. Here's where to start. read more

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