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Newsletter August #5 2017

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Cyber Criminals Have Access To Weapons Grade Hacking Tools

Businesses need to seriously rethink cyber defence with powerful nation-state attack hacking tools now in the hands of ordinary cyber criminals. read more


UN Cyber Warfare Talks Collapse

It was never going to be easy: Negotiations aimed at forging an international legal framework governing cybersecurity which began in 2004 have now failed. read more


Google Launches GDPR Compliance Site

Google is launching a dedicated website designed to ensure customers understand how their data is being collected and stored in line with GDPR. read more


US Warship Collisions Raise Cyber Attack Questions

After a series of unexplained collisions, is it possible the US Navy's Seventh Fleet has been 'pwned'? read more


North Korean Cyber Attacks Continue

North Korean government hackers are continuing to target critical US infrastructure for cyber attacks. read more


N Korea Targets S Korea’s Bitcoin Exchange

North Korea has likely launched a cyber attack against South Korean virtual currency exchanges in the face of heavier economic sanctions. read more


Driverless Truck Fleet Gets UK Trial

The AA has warned these plans could pose a significant risk to motorists, highlighting the fact that 'truck platoons' are half a football pitch long. read more


Russia's US Election Hacks Were More Persistent Than First Thought

The NSA now says that voting systems across the US were far more susceptible to Russian hacking efforts during last year's presidential election than previously known. read more


Carelessness Is Just As Dangerous As Deliberate Exfiltration

Panama Papers Pt.2: A Panamanian broker has accidentally exposed 52,000 financial and legal documents of wealthy individuals. read more


Solutions To Combat ‘Fake News’

There may be actual solutions to the spread of fake news and there are various methods being offered to fix it. read more


Android Apps With Spy Software

Security researchers warn against using certain phone messenger applications which have the capability to steal data from the devices they infect. read more


Tech Giants Put Big Data To Work

The most important aspect of big data is it’s ubiquity throughout the market and its availability to all businesses, large and small. read more

Organisations Need A Data Ethics Strategy

“Data ethics” can give companies a competitive edge by protecting personal data, especially when their target customers value social responsibility. read more

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