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Newsletter December #1 2017

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Paying For UK’s Cyber War With Russia

The UK Government is torn over whether to cut funding for conventional forces in order to spend more of the Defence budget on cybersecurity measures. read more


NSA Employee Pleads Guilty

A former NSA employee illegally took classified documents which were later stolen from his home computer by hackers working for Russian spies. read more


What Is the Dark Web? Can You Access It?

Careful: The Dark Web can be visited by anyone, but it is difficult to work out who is behind the sites & dangerous if your identity is discovered. read more


British Police Lose Phone & Web Search Powers

Mass harvesting of personal communications data can only be considered lawful if accompanied by strong independent & judicial safeguards. read more


China Intends To Be An AI Superpower

The present economic and military balance of power could change as China rushes to develop artificial intelligence technology. read more


N. Korea Already Is A Cyber Superpower

North Korea may be poor, but has proved its destructive powers and is successfully engaged in a full scale cyberwar with South Korea and the US. read more


Staff Training Only Partially Reduces Cyber Risks

The human is the weakest link in cybersecurity and the answer is not more training. It is not to trust humans in the first place. read more


Cybersecurity Firms Deploy AI Against Hackers

AI can detect threats at an early stage before too much damage has been done and there is no need for humans to defend networks from many attacks. read more


US States Turning To Insurance

Local Government has proven vulnerable and now more US states are buying cyber insurance to protect themselves from the damaging consequences of a breach. read more


Facebook Delivers AI To Detect Suicidal Posts

Using a combination of AI, human moderators and crowdsourced reports, Facebook will try to prevent suicidal tragedies. read more


North Koreans Study Bitcoin

Pyongyang University, considered the breeding ground for North Korea’s army of hackers, is now offering courses on crypto-currencies. read more


Toyota Is Making Humanoid Workers

Neither Replicant nor Robocop: Toyota has designed a human assistance robot with a range of applications that is meant to be 'Fun & Friendly'. read more


UK Drone ‘pilots’ Must Pass Safety Tests

Police will have powers to ground unsafe drone operators and use new 'virtual barrier technology' to stop the machines operating in restricted areas. read more

Replaying Crime Scenes With An Advanced Scanner

Canadian police forces use a forensic laser scanner capable of detecting the tiniest details to  recreate collisions and crime scenes in 3D. read more

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