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Newsletter February #1 2017

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Kaspersky Lab Employee Arrested On Treason Charges

A leading cybercrime investigator at top security firm Kaspersky Lab has been arrested in Russia where he could face charges for high more


True Extent Of British Cybercrime & Fraud Revealed

The Crime Survey for England and Wales shows an estimated 3.6 million cases of fraud and 2 million computer misuse offences in a year. read more


How Much Cyber Insurance Is Enough?

Just how a top security manager feels about cyber insurance often may have a lot to do with the type of company he or she works for. read more


Cyber Criminals Set to Get 'Creative' in 2017

KPMG think that IoT threats, new EU data laws and  industrial scale cybercrime will be the dominant cybersecurity issues in 2017. read more


Smart City Technology Is Growing

The adoption of smart city technology to manage traffic, water supplies, air pollution and other needs is on an an upswing in US cities. read more


New Technology To Really Close The US / Mexican Border

Despite President Trump's executive orders to extend walls along the US / Mexico border, real border security will likely take longer than he thinks. read more


MI6 Has Used Information From The Trump Dossier

MI6 used information gathered by ex-agent  Christopher Steele in his Trump investigation to warn against Russian cyberattacks. read more


The Director's Departure Leaves A Big Hole At GCHQ

The unexpected early departure of Robert Hannigan as UK's GCHQ chief, marks not so much the end of an era as the transition between eras. read more


Emerging Details Of Cyber Assault On A Major UK Bank

Lloyds Bank admits it was was the target of a recent cyber attack which blocked a substantial number of customers from using their online accounts. read more


Hacker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: Future Cyberwar

Lights Out: Someone wants the power down. Someone is sowing chaos and waiting to take advantage. This is how a cyber war begins. read more 


Populism & Terror Have Killed Geopolitics

Populist politics and extremism promoted on social media are undermining conventional approaches to international relations. Opinion by Taha Ozhan read more


Directors' Cyber Security Checklist (£)

Cyber attacks are increasing, becoming both more focused and more damaging, targeting sensitive financial & commercial data. Protect your organisation. read more


British NHS Hospital Trust Under Cyber Attack

The largest National Health Service hospital trust in England has been infected with a virus affecting thousands of sensitive files. read more

Twelve Things To Know About Self Driving Cars

From forecourt to scrapyard, a new car in the UK lasts an average 13.9 years. If you were to buy a new one today, it might be the last one you ever buy. read more

US Army Wants To 3D-Print Mini-Drones

Build It Yourself: Future soldiers will make their own eyes-in-the-sky on the go. read more

Iranian Malware Delivered Via Fake Oxford University Websites

An Iran-linked advanced persistent threat (APT) group has used  fake University of Oxford websites to deliver malware to victims. read more

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