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Newsletter February #2 2017

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Artificial Intelligence Gives Business Wings

Solutions powered by AI will displace many jobs with the biggest impact felt in transportation, logistics, customer service & consumer services. read more


Terrorists Are Winning the Digital Arms Race

Terrorist groups are embracing a range of digital tools to recruit members & plan attacks. Some experts say they are winning against the agencies trying to stop them. read more


Why Are Hackers After Healthcare Records?

Information hacked from a Financial Institution or a Bank is quickly rendered useless. Classified Healthcare data has a continued value that can last a lifetime. read more


Cyber Security Protection For Business

From encouraging a culture of caution, to backing up files, here's how SMEs can defend themselves against hacking threats. read more


Business Can Minimise Cybersecurity Risks And Drive Profit

CIOs are under pressure to deliver on the promise of digital technologies to transform customer-facing services & internal business processes. read more


Data Fusion For Military Intelligence & Business

Advances made by business to solve Big Data problems mean that Intelligence analysts have access to more information than ever before. read more


Auditors Need To Know About Cyber Security

Information Security: Auditors have an obligation to educate themselves about cyber security technology if they are to do their job properly. read more


Russia's Attack On Web Freedom

Safe in Moscow, Edward Snowden has said very little about the Russian security apparatus, which is rather more intrusive than that in Europe or the USA. read more


Stuxnet, Secrecy & The New Era of Cyber War

Should Cyber weapons be subject to international controls & protocols in the same way as nuclear and some other conventional weapons are? read more


Botnets Have Infiltrated The Twitterverse

Twitter bots produce spam, provide fake followers and can manipulate debates and public opinion in insidious ways that are hard to track down and prevent. read more


Big Data Analysis – Now Used For Politics

Big data analysis has not only been contributing to decision making in the realms of business, health and defense, but also in politics. read more


Lloyds Bank Cyber Attack

Following a massive DDoS attack affecting millions of customers, Lloyds Bank have sought help from the UK National Cyber Security Centre. read more


Cyber Security Checklist (£)

Cyber attacks are increasing, becoming both more focused and more damaging, targeting sensitive financial & commercial data. Protect your organisation. read more

'Locked-in' Patients Enabled To Communicate

A brain-computer interface can read the thoughts of patients suffering Locked-In syndrome to answer simple yes-or-no questions. read more

Tech Billionaires Give $20m For Artificial Intelligence Research

The founders of LinkedIn and eBay are donating a combined $20m to fund academic research aimed at ensuring the safety of AI. read more

US And UK Agree To Take On Islamic State In Cyberspace

Trump & May: 'Deepening intelligence and security cooperation and critically... stepping up efforts to counter Daesh in cyberspace.' read more

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