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Newsletter February #4 2017

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UK Under Attack By Russian & Chinese State Sponsored Hackers

GCHQ say that Britain is being hit by dozens of cyber attacks a month, including attempts to steal defence and foreign policy secrets. read more


Malware Traders Switch To Less Suspicious File Types

After aggressively using JavaScript email attachments to distribute malware, attackers are now switching to less  suspicious file types. read more


Technology, Multilateralism, War &   Peace

Wars are no longer only about combatants and tanks, but also about algorithms and bots. Opinion by Anje Kasperesen read more


The Limits Of Cyber Warfare

Future wars might be waged online, but evidence from recent fighting between Russia and Ukraine suggests it won't be quite that simple. read more


One Insurer Plans To Replace Humans With AI

A Japanese insurance company is replacing 34 workers with an artificial intelligence system. Is this the beginning of a trend? read more


Old IT Networks Stop New IoT Innovation

The Internet of Things (IoT) isn't all brand-new, cutting-edge technology. In fact, some of it is already suffering through painful upgrade cycles. read more


Browser Autofill Can Be Used To Steal Data

Your browser or password manager autofill function might be giving away your information to phishers using hidden text boxes on websites. read more


Is There A Truly Secure Messaging App?

More messaging apps than ever support end-to-end encryption. But which feature should should they prioritize, convenience or security? read more


Action Fraud: Social Media Used to Steal Charity Donations

An emerging fraud where social media platforms are used to attract donations to overseas welfare charities that do not exist. read more


How To Automate Cyber Defence

Humans aren't fast enough to respond to network attacks and breaches. Machines can help us, but only if we help them. read more


Deterrence & Cyber Attacks On The US Electoral System

Deterring future cyber interference in US elections will require convincing adversaries that the response will be painful and their effotrs ineffective. read more


Nation State Hacking Has A Big Commercial Impact

What impact does the long standing practice of State- sponsored hacking to steal secrets and influence elections have on the business world? read more


Udacity Offer Deep IT Learning Programs & Nano-Degrees

Startup Udacity is using innovative methods of promoting large scale vocational IT education with focused foundation programs & 'nano degrees'. read more

Italian Brother & Sister Cyber Spies Arrested

Two Italians stand accused of having spied on Italian politicians, state institutions, law enforcement agencies, businesses & the Vatican. read more

WhatsApp Becomes The Latest Victim

Attackers could exploit a security vulnerability in WhatsApp to snoop on its users. read more

Georgia - A State Of Cybersecurity

The US state of Georgia is building a training center that's designed to teach how to combat hacking and other forms of cyberwarfare. read more

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