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Newsletter January #1 2017

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We Are In A New Era Of Espionage

Hackers' interference in the US Presidential Election is one of the greatest examples of a successful espionage operation in history. read more


How Russian Cyber Power Attacked The US

Who's To Blame? The FBI's failure to grasp the scope of the initial attacks on the Democratic party undercut efforts to minimize their impact. read more


Cybersecurity Trends In 2017

Ransomware, Cloud, IoT and Automation are all in rapid change. Here are a few of the forecast cybersecurity trends for 2017 to be aware of. read more


Cyber Deterrence: How To Curb Cyber Attacks

Deterrence focused on making potential adversaries think twice about an attack has worked for nuclear weapons. What about cyber weapons? read more


Cyber Criminals Are Making $200k A Month

Recorded Future have been researching the dark web for cyberime forums. It turns out the bad guys can make good money stealing from each other. read more


Smartwatch Technology For Police Forces

A new generation of smartwatches and apps are giving police forces a practical wearable option, offering versatility in a convenient lightweight form. read more


France Launches a Cyber Warfare Division

France announces its first cyber-warfare army unit, aimed at increasing the country's hacking skills to counter US and Russian capabilities. read more


Malaysia Sets Up Cybersecurity Academy

The Malaysian Government is working with British partners to establish a major new APAC cybersecurity training centre. read more


Is Antivirus Software Now Dead?

Conventional antivirus products and their providers are struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing threat landscape. Why is that? read more


Machines Versus Human Brains – Who Wins?

The human brain has more processing power than any supercomputer but uses less energy than a 30W light bulb. read more


Robots Can Build Weapons

Faster, cheaper and more accurate. Raytheon has changed the way it builds deadly missiles. Testing time has reduced and the human workforce is increasing. read more


The Snowden Films - Spirit of the Whistleblower

Two major Films dedicated to examining the motivations & intentions of the NSA whistleblower have been released so far. One is rather better than the other. read more


Obama Advises Trump To Train 100,000 Hackers

President Obama recommends President-elect Trump to execute a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, including the training of 100,000 white hat hackers. read more

Cybersecurity: A Personal Plan

Online, hooked up, plugged in and "on the cloud": Invest in securing your data; it may be the best investment you ever make. read more

The Worst Hacks In 2016

Before 2016, most network intrusions targeted enterprises & large corporations, but last year saw a much more diverse range of victims. read more

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