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Newsletter January #3 2017

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AI & VR Are About To Transform Business

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are synonymous with gaming but they are going to change the way you communicate and do business. read more


2017 Tech Trends: 'A Major Bank Will Fail'

Security experts expect some major events in 2017, including a cybersecurity lapse that will bring down a big financial institution. read more


Vladimir Putin & Donald Trump: Relationship Counselling

President-elect Trump is not yet in office and the allegations that President Putin interfered with the election in his favour are not going away. read more


Hackers Target France's Presidential Election

After witnessing cyberattacks on the US Presidential election, France is leaving no stone unturned to protect its own election from hackers. read more


Rome: Cyber Spying Rings Security Bells

The President of the  European Central Bank and former Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi  are targets of a cyber spying & hacking operation. read more


Changing Other People's Flight Bookings Is Just Too Easy

The travel booking systems used by millions of people every day are woefully insecure and lack modern authentication methods. read more


Anti-Surveillance Clothing Thwarts Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is changing public expectations of privacy and some people are developing very effective methods of concealment. read more


'Magic' Ransomware Is Based On Open-Source Code

Abracadabra: A new ransomware based on open-source code that encrypts user files and ads '.magic' extension to them. read more


Watson For Cybersecurity

IBM has announced that 40 companies around the world have signed up for the cognitive super computer Watson's Beta Cybersecurity Program. read more


Cyber Criminals Target African Banks

African nations' efforts to tackle cybercrime are gaining momentum as cyber criminals target them with ransomware. read more


America's Cyber Security Dilemma

Unintended Consequence: Is US military spending driving adversaries towards cheaper, cyber-focused means of response? read more


Drone Warriors Of The US Air Force

Leaving Las Vegas & Commuting To The Warzone: US Air Force drone pilots lead a strange double life. read more


Five More Cybersecurity Predictions for 2017

The enterprise security ninjas at Tanium list their top five predictions for cybersecurity in the year ahead. read more

It Was Not All Bad News In 2016

Last year saw major advances in a number of key technologies: AI, Quantum Computing, Drones, Data Transmission Speeds & Exoskeletons. read more

German Police Will Squash Fake Online News

Pure Fiction: Combining exaggerated and  unconnected incidents to create a picture of chaos and of foreigners promoting terrorism. read more

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