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Newsletter January #4 2017

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The Swedish Kings of Cyberwar

Forget GCHQ. The Swedish National Radio Defence Intelligence Agency has some remarkable technical capabilities. read more


Are You Ready For State-Sponsored Cyber Attack?

Geopolitical tensions ensure that 2017 will be another big year for large scale and potentially lethal state-sponsored cyber attacks. read more


Obama's Cyber Legacy

Cyberspace was President Obama's most unpredictable adversary, taking new directions & delivering blows where least expected. read more


Fear Factor: Pushing Up Cyber Insurance Costs

Awareness of the risks attached to technology is a good thing. But there is a downside as insurance premiums start to take off. read more.


Russia Says Snowden Can Stay Two More Years

No pardon for Edward Snowden, who can safely remain in Russia, while Chelsea Manning is released from jail early. read more


Give Robots Human Status

Machines As Legal Entities: The EU parliament wants regulations to govern the use of robots and AI, including a form of "electronic personhood". read more


Facebook To Introduce Fake News Tools

Facebook is introducing new tools in Germany to help combat the spread of fabricated news stories before the parliamentary elections. read more


Russia, Trump & Flawed Intelligence

US intelligence agencies have released a declassified version of a report on the part they believe Russia played in the US presidential election. It's not very convincing. read more


Anonymous To Trump: You Will 'Regret' Next 4 YearsScared?

Anonymous, the loose collective of online hackers, has issued an ominous warning to President-elect Donald Trump. read more


Why Hasn't MH370 Been Found?

Lost: Three years after the Malaysian Boeing-777 changed course and disappeared, there are several theories about what happened, but few facts. read more


GCHQ Wants Teenage Girls To Join Cybersecurity Fight

Teenage girls who spend time online and on social media could become the UK's spies of the future. Or so Britain's intelligence agency hopes. read more


Nissan Self-Drive Trial Begins In London

Nissan will start testing its electric Leaf car with autonomous driving capabilities in London, beginning its first European trials on public roads. read more

Electoral Influence: 40 Years Of Kremlin Interference

Russian attempts to influence the US presidential election outcome should cause no surprise. It is traditional.  Opinion By Prof. Christopher Andrew. read more

A Landmark Compensation Payment

British high street bank TSB has compensated a fraud victim on the grounds that it was at fault for allowing a criminal to operate a current account. read more

DARPA Wants To Create Secure Data-Sharing Tech

DARPA is working on new ways to enable US troops working in remote areas to securely send and receive sensitive information on their devices. read more

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