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Newsletter July #1 2017

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Latest: All About Petya

The current Petya infestation spreads as rapidly and indiscriminately as WannaCry did, but it's better crafted and more dangerous. read more


Ukraine Police Trace Petya Attack Source

A vulnerability within an obscure piece of Ukrainian accounting software is the root cause of the massive Petya cyberattack. read more


GDPR Guidance For May 2018

The EU GDPR enforces a much tougher and stricter regime, with much more severe penalties, than the UK Data Protection act it replaces. read more


Cybersecurity Is Too Important To Leave To IT

Management experts say that breaking down the corporate silos that keep the specialists in IT and HR apart is a matter of urgency. read more


WannaCry Returns To Attack Honda

Lingering Effects: Car giant Honda's manufacturing operations suffer a temporary shut down weeks after the initial attack wave. read more


News & Sports Websites 'vulnerable to attack'

News and sports websites have some of the lowest levels of security. Less than 10% use basic security protocols such as HTTPS and TLS. read more


FBI Investigating Kaspersky

FBI is gathering facts about how the Russian based cybersecurity company works and to "what extent the US operations ultimately report to Russia." read more


Scenarios For Predicting Terrorist Attacks

Suicide bombings, random attacks on soft targets and the use of vehicles in ramming attacks, reflect the enlistment of recruits via social media. read more


Ten Years Since The Outbreak Web War One

Estonia was the first victim of cyberwar and a decade later we are still grappling with the new era of increasingly sophisticated digital weapons. read more


Hacking A Chip With A Wave of Your Hand

Electro-magnetic fault injection hacking works and soon it will become important to protect electronic device components from non-invasive hacks. read more


App Or Browser: Which Is Safer For Online Banking?

If you need to make a transaction on the go banking apps ought to be more secure than browsers, but it isn’t necessarily so. read more


India Internet Shutdowns 'Violate Human Rights'

The Indian government has started to use arbitrary powers to shutdown telecoms networks, including the internet, to quell public disorder. read more


Urgent: Investment In NHS Cybersecurity

The Health Service in Scotland needs urgent investment to update legacy systems & preparedness. read more

Cyberwar: A New Front For US Military

Cyber warfare is a game changer in how to assess enemies, meet their challenges and enact policies that match the growth of the cyber domain. read more

How A Nation Became Russia's Cyberwar Experiment

Blackout: In Ukraine, the quintessential cyberwar scenario has come to life. read more

FBI’s Cybercrime Report 2017

New data from the FBI shows that people over the age of 60 are most likely to  become victims of cybercrime and suffer the heaviest losses. read more

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