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Newsletter July #2 2017

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GCHQ Unveils Its Cybersecurity Playbook

The UK National Cyber Security Center has created four “simple and free measures” that public sector bodies can implement immediately. read more


Trump’s Joint Cybersecurity Unit With Russia – It’s Not Happening

Reverse Gear: Plans for a joint cyber unit brought immediate ridicule amid concerns it was a Russian ruse to collect secrets. read more


Ukrainian Security Call in FBI, NCA & Europol

Ukraine's SBU security service calls in international help  & has branded the hugely damaging Petya attack  an “act of cyber-terrorism”. read more


Prices For Stolen NSA Exploits Go Higher

Both Petya and Wannacry are strains of malware derived from NSA exploits stolen by the mysterious Shadow Brokers. Now they want more money. read more


Fallout From Petya On Global Shipping

Petya shows the scale of the damage a computer virus can unleash on a technology dependent and inter-connected industry. read more


Hackers Attempt To Penetrate US Nuclear Plants

The US government is warning industrial firms about hacking activity targeting the nuclear and energy sectors. read more


Are Corporate Cyber Defenses Adequate?

It’s not just about the technology: Business leaders should be focusing on their companies’ systemic risks, rather than just software. read more


Insurance: How Cyber Risks Are Evolving

Lloyds of London say that both the costs and the ways in which companies can be targeted by organised cyber criminals are increasing. read more


Governments Should Let Industry Drive Cybersecurity

With EU-wide application of GDPR requiring businesses to protect critical data, attention in the US is turning to government's role in cybersecurity. read more


Is It Really Possible to Protect Your Health Data?

It is possible to protect health data, but only if governments, healthcare providers & individuals see it as a top priority. Opinion by Sandra O'Hare. read more


AI For Effective Healthcare Cyber Resilience

Healthcare CISOs should recognise that AI has the ability to enhance the identification of malicious activity and to protect systems and data from attackers. read more


Twitter May Introduce A 'Fake News' Flag

A new feature that would let users flag tweets that are false or inaccurate, in an attempt to combat the spread of disinformation on the platform. read more 


Fraud And The Internet of Things

Cyber criminals have the funding and resources to infect millions of IoT gadgets with disruptive and potentially hazardous mechanisms. read more

Islamic State On The Internet

Project TENSOR: British police working on improving methods of detecting terrorist content. read more

Australia’s Sharp Turn To Information Warfare

The Australian government is responding to regional threats and moving towards the defence concept of 'information dominance'. read more

India Wants A Big Windows Discount From Microsoft

75% Off: With 57 million computers in India, the country could save billions of dollars in costs if Microsoft agrees to a steep discount. read more

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