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Newsletter June #1 2017

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North Korea's Unit 180 Managed WannaCry Attack

Symantec says a hacking group closely tied to North Korea was behind the massive WannaCry attack hitting 200,000 plus computers in 150 countries. read more


WannaCry Also Hit Windows 7 Systems

Not only unsupported networks running Windows XP were affected. Untpatched Windows 7 users also suffered from the attack. read more


EU’s New Data Rules Are 1 Year Away

Companies ignore GDPR at their peril. May 2018 is a critical date on the calendar of any company that does business in the European Union. read more


Algorithms: An Unseen Influence On The UK Election

Social media, Facebook in particular, will have an enormous effect on the UK vote, yet no-one seems to know how to measure what’s happening there. read more


Attitudes To Facebook Are Changing

Facebook's vast scale has allowed it to amass an almost unrivalled amount of data on citizens around the world. The EU is growing concerned. read more


Directors Report: Cloud Security Analysed For Management (£)

Reductions in cost & complexity are causing an explosion of Cloud service providers. But with multiple cloud services, many companies are losing track of their data. read more


Eight Steps For Cloud Security

Migrating corporate data to the cloud is really just a form of outsourcing and testing the service provider's security means asking some very hard questions. read more


Three Cybersecurity Trends Business Should Address

The cybersecurity landscape grows more complex daily: Hackers are unleashing increasingly intricate & formidable attacks on critical systems. read more


Current Cybercrime Threats Originate In Espionage

Spy agencies like the US National Security Agency hoard weapons that, by their very nature, target civilian infrastructure. read more


Crimes Of The Future Will Be Solved Using IT, Robot CSIs, Smell & VR

Smell. Sound. Digital Reconstruction: Crime scene investigators will soon be using a raft of new tools & analytical techniques. read more


A Major Development in Deep-Learning

Neurala’s neural network software uses a bio-inspired approach to mimic the way the human brain learns and analyses its environment. read more


Making Sense Of Dark Data

Using AI to analyse the vast amounts of unstructured digital data being generated looks like a growth business. Apple is investing. read more


Intelligence In The Age of Cyber Warfare

Today’s cyber threats are invisible and anonymous and this is causing a revolution in defence and security techniques. read more

We Are Not Paid Agents of Russia…

The anonymous authors of Russian propaganda and fake news on Facebook and other social media do it for love, not money. read more

US Is Reducing Crime Rates Using Effective IT

Crime has fallen dramatically over the past 20 years, primarily due to the technological changes which have made it harder to commit crime. read more

Mathematical Analysis: Marlowe And  Shakespeare Were Co-Writers

Computerised textual analysis is now so sophisticated that it can distinguish between Shakespeare writing like Marlowe and Marlowe writing alone. read more

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