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Newsletter June #2 2017

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Social Media Reaction To The London Terror Attack

London gives a hint of how social media could be a tool for sharing information that helps, rather than hinders, our response to terror attacks. read more


Cyber-Attacks On UK Political Parties

There is still time for a British political party to fall victim to a hack similar to those suffered by the Clinton and Macron presidential campaigns. read more


Ignoring Software Updates…

Failing to update leaves your devices vulnerable to attack. Configuring automatic updates from trusted providers makes sure these are installed regularly. read more


Company Directors Are Devolving Responsibility For Hacks

GCHQ says directors must take charge of cybersecurity, warning that they are “devolving responsibility” for protecting businesses from hackers. read more


WannaCry Was Not A Phishing Attack

Researchers at Malwarebytes say the WannaCry ransomware threat didn’t begin with malware-infected phishing emails, as first suspected. read more


Eight Steps To The GDPR Countdown

GDPR will dramatically affect how businesses work with the personal data of citizens and residents of the European Union. read more


The IoT Will Be Even More Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

As more smart devices become connected, the world will become more exposed to attacks like the one that hit the UK’s NHS. Opinion By Hannah Bryce read more


Five Pitfalls Of Cybersecurity Insurance

Businesses are increasingly considering investing in cybersecurity insurance. But insurance is only as effective as the scope of the coverage. read more


British Airways IT Failure

Experts have questioned British Airways’ claim that last week’s catastrophic IT failure was down to a “power surge”. read more


Fake Microsoft Tech-Support Using WannaCry

Action Fraud reports Tech-Support scammers claiming to be from Microsoft taking advantage of the global WannaCry ransomware attack. read more


Russian Cyber Gang Arrested By .…. Russia

Russian Interior Ministry arrests members of major cyber criminal gang that infected over 1m Android smartphones with the CronBot Trojan. read more


Workers' Rights v. Robot Jobs

Disruption: AI will have a major impact on numerous types of paid employment as computers that can learn on the job reshape the job market. read more


Cloud Security Analysed For Management (£)

Reductions in cost & complexity are causing an explosion of Cloud service providers. But with a multiplicity of cloud services, many companies are losing track of their data. read more

Small Businesses Should Consider Cyber Insurance

A shockingly low number of small businesses invest in cyber liability insurance to combat the potentially devastating effects of a cyber attack. read more

Protect Yourself Against Ransomware

Ransomware has been endemic for years. What can businesses and individuals do to protect themselves from malicious software? read more

Disney Says Film Hack Threat Was A Hoax

Media production companies are switching to digital production & distribution technologies, making them vulnerable to hackers and extortion. read more

WannaCry Outbreak Is Just A Tip Of An Iceberg

While WannaCry mostly hit business and government systems, the next targets could be private homes. read more

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