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Newsletter June #3 2017

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North Korea, WannaCry, Cyberattacks And Lazarus

Who is really to blame? For many, it seems that question has already been solved: It was North Korea. Except the evidence is not conclusive. read more


Six Seconds To Hack A Credit Card

Distributed Guessing Attack: Quickly working out the card number, expiry date and security code of a Visa card using nothing more than guesswork. read more


What Makes A Cyber Criminal?

The UK’s National Crime Agency has published research on why some young people become involved in cybercrime. Its not about the money. read more


How Cybercrime Affects The Healthcare Industry

Stolen medical records can be used for different types of identity fraud and phishing attack. The threat from these can persist for many years. read more


Employees That Cause Data Breaches

When it comes to cybercrime, more and more companies are realising that trusted and trained employees  pose an enormous threat. read more


How To Integrate Threat Intelligence

In a complicated, fast-paced cyber environment, it's difficult to hunt for vulnerabilities. Automating threat intelligence can help you find them. read more


UK SMEs Don’t Have Cybersecurity Recovery Plans

With GDPR rules coming into force in less than a year nearly half of UK small businesses don’t have a cyber security plan. read more


SMEs And Cyber Insurance

Small and medium businesses rely on partners and they face a growing range of online challenges. Cyber Insurance has a key role to play. read more


NATO Could Go To War In Response To A Cyber Attack

A persistent and devastating attack could trigger Article 5, NATO’s collective defense measure. read more


UK’s Trident Nuclear Subs Vulnerability To Hackers

The Royal Navy Trident submarine fleet is vulnerable to a “catastrophic” cyber attack that could render Britain’s nuclear weapons useless. read more


China Postpones Implementing New Cybersecurity Law

China wants new rules to control how companies store and use information, protect privacy and to prevent crime & terrorism. Not everyone is happy. read more


Putin Applauds Patriotic Russian  Hackers

Putin: "patriotic" citizens might be engaged in hacking. Such individuals are joining "the justified fight against those speaking ill of Russia". read more


Cyberspies: The Secret History of Digital Espionage

Reading List: The intertwining forces of computers & espionage are reshaping the world. read more

French Security Chief Warns of Permanent Cyber War

France's top cyber spy says there is risk of "permanent war" in cyberspace as a result of hacking for espionage and fraud by states & criminals. read more

Uber In Legal Fight With Google

Uber has fired the engineer accused of stealing secrets from Google after he failed to assist with an investigation related to the lawsuit. read more

Islamic State's Social Media Strategy

So called Islamic State is fighting on many fronts and puts media warfare on a par with its battle on the ground. read more

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