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Newsletter June #4 2017

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WannaCry Prompts Microsoft Updates … And A Warning

Microsoft has released new security updates for older versions of Windows as it warns of potential cyber-attacks by government organisations. read more


The GDPR Effect On Brexit

Businesses in the UK will need to anticipate possible new barriers to data sharing whilst working to encourage pragmatic solutions. read more


Get Ready To Be Dazzled By The GDPR Professionals

The GDPR is complex & subject to interpretation. Can we really trust GDPR products, services and "experts?"   Opinion by Jane Frankland  read more


Advice For Cyber Insurance Buyers

Companies interested in securing cyber insurance should know that the underwriting process requires them to do careful due diligence. read more


WikiLeaks Releases More Info On CIA Malware

Codenamed Pandemic, this ingenious CIA tool  targets computers with shared folders, from where users can download files via SMB. read more


Israeli Hackers Have Penetrated ISIS Networks

Israeli  hackers have uncovered the terror group's plans to build laptop bombs that could get through airport X-ray machines. read more


Trump Handed Russia Classified Intelligence

President Trump reportedly broke security protocol to tell Russian officials that Israel had successfully hacked ISIS computers. read more


Healthcare Sector Accounts For 43% Of UK Data Breaches

Data from the UK Information Commissioner shows that healthcare organisations were consistently top of the list for data breach incidents 2014 - 2016. read more


Australia Implements Mandatory Data Breach Reporting

The new regime will apply to all Australian public sector agencies plus private sector and not-for-profit organisations with annual sales over A$3m. read more


Cybersecurity Threats Are Changing Recruitment

Security awareness, data analysis and analytic skills: Cybersecurity threats and increased hacking are changing the job skills employers look for. read more


AI Meets Music’s Evolution

You hum it, I'll strum it. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform the ways in which music is created, played and performed. read more


Machine Learning Writes Better Emails

Hierarchical Models Of Language: Google is introducing  an enhanced version of its “smart reply” machine-learning email software. read more


Intel's Data Solutions For Military & Commercial Use

Intel has been selected by DARPA to develop a powerful new data analysis platform that will use machine learning and other AI  techniques. read more

US  Blames North Korea For Hacking

Finally: The US government has issued a rare alert squarely blaming North Korean for a raft of cyber-attacks stretching back to 2009. read more

Internet of Things Brings Threats To Security

Why has the US escaped most digital damage from the global WannaCry ransomware attack and will this continue beyond the next attack? read more

Cybersecurity Can Learn From Maritime Security

The Internet is similar to the oceans and seas and cybersecurity crosses boundaries similar to drug smuggling and piracy. read more

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