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Newsletter June #5 2017

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Petya: The Latest  Global Ransomware Incident

Petya works similarly to the WannaCry ransomware that infected more than 230,000 computers in 150 countries last month. read more


EU Banks Could Get Fined €4.7bn In First 3 Years Under GDPR

With an estimated 128 breaches per year in the EU financial services industry, the cost of paying  GDPR penalties could be huge. read more


IoT Will Change (Almost) Everything In Cybersecurity

An over reliance on AI technology could easily result in complacency - which is exactly what the cybercriminals want in prospective targets. read more


EU Fines Google $2.7 Billion

Google systematically gave prominent placement in searches to its own comparison shopping service and demoted rivals in search results. read more


Intelligence - Led Policing Gets Automated

An Electronic Detective: VALCRI is a semi-automated analysis system that can reconstruct crime situations, generate insights and discover leads. read more


Power Companies Cyber ‘Nightmare’Crash

Override: Seven minutes before midnight last December a bomb of sorts went off in a high voltage substation north of Kiev. That was a test - run. read more


UK Fraud Hotspots Revealed

Action Fraud data confirms that London is the  capital of the UK for social media hacking, but there are surprising regional variations. read more


Facebook Deploys AI To Block Terror Propaganda

Criticism from legislators, advertiser boycotts and lawsuits by victims of terrorist outrage are pushing Facebook to find better ways to banish terrorist activity. read more


Apple's Driverless Cars

Apple CEO Tim Cook describes the challenge of building autonomous vehicles as “the mother of all” artificial intelligence projects. read more


Want A Career In Cybersecurity?

A growing cyber threat landscape and an estimated 1 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide means that new career opportunities are wide open. read more


Binky: An Anti-Social Media Simulator

Fake news, bad news, worse news and anxiety-fueling comment sections mean that social media really is no longer the escapism it once was. read more


Does Canada Need Its Own CIA Or MI6?

Canada is the only G7 country without both a dedicated domestic and a dedicated foreign intelligence agency. That was up until now. read more


The Information Security Forum: Threat Intelligence Report

A new report from the widely respected ISF aims to help organisations to find and use threat intelligence much more effectively. read more

Cybersecurity Is A Bigger Issue Than Brexit

Cyber security is a top concern in the boardroom, to the point where it’s a more important issue than Brexit. read more

Industrial Robotics Market Will Triple

This year, the market value of industrial robots worldwide is estimated to hit $14 billion. By 2025, that market is projected to balloon to $33.8 billion. read more

NHS Cyberattack Was 'launched from N. Korea'

The UK's NCSC confirm the view that the Wannacry attack which badly affected the National Health Service was perpetrated by N. Korea. read more

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