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Newsletter March #1 2017

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The Cyber Security Landscape: A Frightening Picture

The experts at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) paint a frightening picture of the information security landscape. read more


Is It Possible To Neutralise Fake News?

Estonia. Georgia. Ukraine. Czech Republic. Germany. Russian propaganda, disinformation & fake news is nothing new. read more


The Dark Web Is Hidden In Plain Sight

Sites on the Dark Web are a privacy paradox: While anyone who knows a dark web site’s address can visit it, no one knows who hosts that site. read more


Visualisation Tech Helps Police Process Complex Data

Microsoft is incorporating a visualisation technology to help UK police forces react and record incidents more effectively. read more


Indian Police Training To Crackdown On Electronic Fraud

The Indian government are allocating increased capital in training police officers to crackdown on electronic fraud involving online transactions. read more


GoggleBox: Moderate Screen Use 'Boosts Teen Wellbeing'

A study of screen time and mental wellbeing among teenagers suggests moderate use of devices may be beneficial in a connected world. read more


Female Role Models & The Early Days Of Computing

EDSAC was one of the first computers, developed to undertake complex astronomical calculations. And one of the first users was Dr. Jilly Wheeler. read more


YouTube Adds In-App Messaging

A built-in messaging platform, available in both the Android and iOS applications, which lets you send messages to connections directly within the app. read more


Borders Offer No Defence In A Cyber Conflict

The lack of recognisable legal boundaries or any rulebook in cyber conflict has increased the threat level and equalised the balance of forces. read more


Only 20% Of UK Banks Can Properly Detect Data Breaches

Half of British financial institutions have no adequate data security frameworks or privacy policies. Few of them can confidently detect breaches. read more


Carbanak Gang: Large Scale Bank Theft

Police arrest five members of an international criminal group that stole at least $500 million by hacking bank cash dispensers. read more


Businesses Are Saving Time & Money With AI

Artificial Intelligence technology is allowing thousands of businesses to save the one thing they can't get back: Time. And Time is Money. read more


Hybrid AI System Is x 3 Better Than Automated Systems

PatternEx are building an AI that works in combination with human analysts to build a cyber defense application that beats fully automated systems. read more

Cyber Incidents Hit 85% Of Global Companies

Security experts at Kroll say Insider Threat is a key factor in the growth of cybercrime, fraud and security incidents among global companies. read more

Older Cars Can Connect To Modern Smartphones

Ford is expanding wireless connectivity features for owners of older model and classic vehicles using a new 4G plug-in device. read more

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