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Newsletter March #2 2017

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Computer Says No

An Artificial Intelligence watchdog should be set up to ensure people are not discriminated against by automated computer systems. read more


Fake Microsoft Phishing Scam

Access to your Microsoft Email Account Disabled? A campaign of fraudulent messages is designed to capture your online identity via a fake website. read more


Stop Arguing On Social Media

Once considered a world of trivia, Social Media now has a very large and growing influence in Politics, Business and Society around the world. read more


Healthcare Data Breaches Surged In 2016

The number US companies that admitted suffering Data Breaches went up 40% in 2016, with Healthcare organisations among the most vulnerable. read more


Warning: Fake Ransomware

When confronted with what appears to be a crypto-ransomware demand many UK businesses pay up too quickly. read more


Only In Texas: Ransomware Steals Data From Police

Ukrainian-based hackers hold a local  Texas Police Force network server for ransom, resulting in the loss of video evidence. read more


NEC Suspect Monitoring & Surveillance Technology

Looking Out For Criminal Activity: Monitoring and analysing suspicious behavior has become a pressing need for law enforcement agencies. read more


‘Cyber War’ Is Fast Becoming Just ‘War’

The next great conflict will play out not just on physical terrain but also in the electrical pulses of cyberspace and the electronic spectrum. read more


Facebook Wants To Eliminate Racially Targeted Advertising

Facebook has updated its advertising policies to ban discrimination based on personal characteristics - race, ethnicity, sexuality or age. read more


DDoS Protection: 14 Ways to Protect Your Organisation

DDoS attacks have become a nightmare for companies with an active online presence. Here are 14 ways to protect your business. read more


Banks Around The World Hit With Fileless Malware

Kaspersky Lab researchers have brought to light a new series of attacks against 140 plus banks and other businesses around the world. read more


Twitter Gains 2m Users But Loses $457m

Although Twittter's current significance in electoral politics is unquestioned, the social media platform's business model is under scrutiny. read more


Directors Report: Cloud Computing For Management (£)

This exclusive Report focuses on Cloud Computing and the range of opportunities and issues that Cloud presents for Senior Managers. read more

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