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Newsletter March #3 2017

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Security Directly Impacts The Bottom Line 

Banks now recognise that security has a valuable  untapped role to play that can deliver immediate tangible results across the entire organisation. read more


How To Eliminate Insider Threats

Insider cyber threats are a major security problem and the highest level of risk to data security is not external but lies within an organisation. read more


Snowden Helping To Protect Journalists

Edward Snowden is working on tools for journalists that he hopes will help to protect  them and their sources from government surveillance. read more


Behavior Analytics Will Leapfrog Security

“Credentials-based attacks” using  stolen passwords or other authentication mechanisms, cannot be detected by conventional security systems. read more


Healthcare Staff Trigger Google Cyber Defense

So many of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) staff are using Google's search engine they have triggered its cybersecurity defences. read more


The 4th Industrial Revolution: Can Democracy Survive? 

The general reshaping of industrial and social life might be making traditional mass participatory institutions & political organisations unviable. read more


EU Tools Up For Cyber War

As the individual member states rapidly progress in their own personal cyber arms race, the EU’s  own institutions risk being left behind. read more


Norway Says Cyber Attack Came From Russia

Norway’s institutions have been targeted in a cyber attack by a group suspected of having links to the Russian government. read more


Security Firms 'Overstate Hackers' Abilities

Computer security companies have been accused of "massively" exaggerating the abilities of malicious hackers. read more


Banks Lack Confidence They Can Detect Data Breaches

Consumers are confident banks and insurers can keep their data safe, but the organisations themselves aren’t so sure. read more


Welcome To Australia: No More Passports & Biometric Identification

Australia plans to remove the need for most passengers to show their passports and to use electronic stations with biometric identification. read more


China’s Intelligent Weaponry Gets Smarter

Chinese companies are making big commercial advances in artificial intelligence and this is translating into superiority in defence technology. read more


AI Can Win At Poker But Who Is Overseeing Computer Ethics?

If machines are clever enough to beat humans at a game that requires intuition and deception as well as intelligence, then what else is possible? read more

Teaching Kids Cyber Skills

In some Israeli schools gifted children take after-school classes in encryption tactics, coding and how to stop malicious hacking. read more

US Changes Policy On International Cyber Regime

The US says a UN cybersecurity group should stop working on new rules for online behavior and focus on governments sticking to the ones we have. read more

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