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Newsletter March #4 2017

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Assange: The CIA Has Lost Control Of Its Cyber Weapons Documents

Information about CIA cyber-attacks was "passed around" among members of the US intelligence community before publication by WikiLeaks. read more


Is There A Positive Aspect To CIA Surveillance Powers?

US spy agencies have quite extraordinary secret hacking powers. Wikileaks might promote a useful discussion about what people think of that. read more


The High Cost Of Politicising Intelligence

Intelligence analysis is more an imperfect art than a science. Gaps in reporting, bad sources and politicisation all complicate the analyst’s task. read more


Bank Attack Hackers Use Russian Decoys

Hackers behind the international attacks on banks intentionally inserted Russian words and commands into their malware to deceive investigators. read more


Eye Pyramid: Italian Bank Cyber Spy Attacks

The President of the European Central Bank and a former Italian Prime Minister were among those hacked in a major cyber spying operation. read more


Could Hackers Turn the Lights Out?

Security experts have long warned about the threat hackers pose to critical systems controlling power stations, water treatment plants & transport systems. It is real. read more


A Common Language For Sharing Intelligence On Cybersecurity Threats

Threat analysts need a more robust framework for characterizing suspicious activity on their endpoints and networks. By Jane Ginn  read more


New Malware Hides In Memory

DNSMessenger: Researchers at the Talos threat research group have published a report on a new form of malware that’s very difficult to detect. read more


HSBC Appoints A Technology Advisory Board

The banking giant wants to capitalise on opportunities in AI, biometrics, blockchain and data science, using its global reach to fight cybercrime. read more


Healthcare Starts Spending Big On Cybersecurity

Healthcare organisations are increasing information security spending, reflecting a rapid transition to electronic records & digitisation of patient data. read more


Keeping The Cloud Safe: Exclusive Report

IT Managers are struggling keep their business applications and data safe in the Cloud and many are slowing down adoption of Cloud processes. read more


Uber Wants Self-Flying Vertical Takeoff Cars

Elevate: Uber is making moves to expand the scope of its flying car experiment and has hired an expert from NASA to help with VTOL. read more


Now China Tells US To Stop Spying

Stop: China's first reaction to WikiLeaks' disclosure of CIA documents that alleged the agency is able to hack digital devices worldwide. read more

Handbook Of Russian Information Warfare

NATO just published a new guide to Russian capabilities and intentions for combined information & cyber warfare. read more

Estonian Honey Trap

Beware: Russia could set 'honey traps' for British troops when they deploy according to Estonia's intelligence chief. read more

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