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Newsletter March #5 2017

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Board-level Cyber Literacy Is Low, Discomfort High

Business leaders who continue to view cybersecurity as a matter for the IT department leave their companies exposed to major risks. read more


Cybersecurity’s Human Side Is A Problem

The challenge in building cybersecurity resilience is that it is not only about software, code and laws, but also about people. read more


Data Breaches Attack All Parts Of A Business

Be Prepared: Data breaches are an enterprise wide problem involving top managers, legal counsel, HR, PR & other business stakeholders. read more


Hack Headlines Cause Financial Damage

Many large companies would prefer to pay ransom to avoid public shaming and the other devastating public consequences of a security breach. read more


Tomorrow's Smart Cities Will Be Data Driven

Over 70% of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2050 - but don't think that means you will be able to get lost in the crowd. read more


Stealthy Malware Is Going Mainstream

Fileless malware avoids detection by hiding its payload in secluded spots, like a computer’s RAM or kernel, independent of hard drive files to run on. read more


Flight Ban On Laptops 'sparked by IS threat'

Airplane Mode: Advances in electronics now mean that just about anything with a power source can be turned into an explosive. read more


WikiLeaks Dump Shines Light On US Intelligence’s Zero-Day Policy

Zero Days exploits used  to create and promulgate a software patch are goldmines for US intelligence agencies. read more


A Quick Tour Of Cybercrime’s Underground

The evolution of cybercrime has hit a peak with ransomware and Bitcoin. One of the strange features of this is how much of it is in public. read more


Google Search For A Fraud Victim

A US judge orders Google to provide information on any internet user found to have searched for one of four variations of a fraud victim’s name. read more


Facebook Algorithms Will Identify Terrorists

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has outlined a plan to let Artificial Intelligence software review content posted on the global social network. read more


Ethics of Drones, Remote Weapons & Robots

Remote and autonomous weapons raise new questions about the boundaries between peace and war, also the nature of future conflicts. read more


Hamas Upgrades Cyber Espionage Capability

Non-state political groups like Hamas have developed state-like hacking, espionage and surveillance capabilities. read more

Bitcoin Is Increasing Ransom Attacks

There are a few good reasons to use Bitcoin: It’s global, private and won’t bulk up your wallet. But there’s another more sinister perk. read more

Security & Encryption After Edward Snowden

Four years after the renegade NSA employee first leaked details of its secret international surveillance activities, Snowden still makes news. read more

Facebook & Google Are Killing Newspapers

National and local newspapers are dying, while Facebook along with Google controls two-thirds of the online advertising market. read more

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