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Newsletter May #1 2017

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Cyber Warfare - Alleged Failures Of North Korean Missile Launches

Is it possible that some piece of malware could sit in a North Korean missile system that only becomes active when it is launched in the direction of Japan? read more


US Intelligence Agencies Fear Insiders As Much As Spies

Forget about spies. It's rogue insiders that cause heartburn at US intelligence agencies these days. read more


Technology Can Not Diminish Insider Threats By Itself

The key to reducing insider threats lies in understanding the individual’s mindset and having robust monitoring on that person's systems & data. read more


EU / US Privacy Shield Agreement Affects Your Organisation

Although we live in a world where data transfer is easy from a technical standpoint, data location is increasingly important from a legal perspective. read more


Over 60% Of UK Businesses Lack Any Real Cyber Security

Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017: Virtually all UK businesses surveyed are exposed to some kind of cybersecurity risk. read more


Cybersecurity Trends For Boards & Directors

Directors find themselves in unfamiliar territory when it comes to formulating policies & oversight processes that address cybersecurity risk. read more


Cyber Should Be Standalone Insurance

Treating cyber risk as a standalone insurance risk promises to unlock the potential for meaningful coverage for both insurers & buyers. read more


Teenagers And Cybercrime

More teenagers are getting involved in cybercrime. Many do it for fun without realising the consequences, but the penalties can be severe. read more


Fake Police Ransomware Scam

Cyber criminals used JavaScript to trick Apple Safari web users into believing that their devices were compromised by police ransomware. read more


Ten Myths About Cybercrime

Don't let cybersecurity fantasy stop you from building the effective countermeasures you need to protect your organisation from attack. read more


Hacker Holds Netflix To Ransom

A hacker claims to have stolen the new season of Netflix’s hit series 'Orange is the New Black' and is demanding a ransom payment. read more


Intelligence Agency Backs Start-Ups

The US Defense Intelligence Agency has a new approach to acquisition and software development that looks a lot like Silicon Valley's. read more


Cardiff Cyber Security Research Centre - 'first in Europe'

A new UK research centre to tackle cyber attacks, protect corporate IT networks. IP and critical  infrastructure has opened in Cardiff. read more

Snowden Can Stay In Russia For As Long As He Likes

Safe in Moscow and with no chance of a pardon from President Trump, it look like Edward Snowden will be staying in Russia for a long time. read more

Google Acts Against Fake News

Google announces its first attempt to combat the circulation of “fake news” on its search engine using new tools. read more

Get Ready: Robots Will Destroy Jobs

Robotics promises to be the most profoundly disruptive technological shift since the industrial revolution. Are we ready? read more

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