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Newsletter May #4 2017

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WannaCry Attack Is A Big Wake-Up Call

The ransomware attack highlights a dependence on interconnected technology & the massive challenge to secure the software systems we rely on. read more


What We Know About The WannaCry Cyberattack So Far

The attack has served as a live demonstration of a new type of global threat, one that could encourage future hackers. read more


Hackers Came, But the French Were Prepared

President Macron's campaign team thwarted Russian hackers, showing a level of ingenuity missing in Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign. read more


Just Who Are Russia's Cyber Warriors?

Their chosen false names, like 'Cozy Bear', 'The Dukes' and 'APT29' make them sound like street gangs. The reality is somewhat different. read more


Rapid Detection Is Key To Cyber Attacks On Business

There are now so many cyberattacks that many enterprises simply accept that hackers and bad actors will find ways to break into their systems. read more


Cyber Crime Drives Up The Cost Of Insurance

Insurers see coverage against hackers as one of their most promising markets, estimating that premiums will triple over the next four years. read more


Industrial Robots Are A Security Weak Link

Web-connected industrial robots used in factories and logistics are insecure, leaving companies wide open to cyber attacks & costly damages. read more


UK Proposes Online Surveillance In Real-Time

The "live" surveillance of British web users' internet communications is proposed in a draft technical paper prepared by the UK government. read more


EU Nations Expand Their Cyber Defences

EU countries are working on strengthening their national security and cyber defence infrastructure. read more


Major Defence Company Adopts Blockchain

Lockheed Martin is to integrate blockchain cyber security technology into systems engineering , supply chain & software development. read more


Cybersecurity Has A Serious Talent Shortage

Businesses should open themselves up to applicants whose non-traditional backgrounds mean they could bring challenging new ideas. read more


What Healthcare CISOs Should Know

Protected health information (PHI) is more lucrative on the dark web than other form of personally identifiable information. read more


The Difference Between Cyberspace & The Internet

The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, although they have different meanings. read more

What Happens If Criminals & Terrorists Get To Use AI

A Sinister Agenda: Criminals could deploy Artificial Intelligence to commit "terrorist acts or murders". read more

Uber Faces A Criminal Probe In The US

Ride-sharing firm Uber firm is accused of using "secret" software that lets it operate in regions where its service is banned or restricted. read more

Google Neutralizes Phishing Scam

Quick Detection & Respone: A phishing scam used Google Docs in an attack against at least 1 million Gmail users. read more

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