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Newsletter November #2 2017

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Russian Hacking Went Far Beyond US Election

Fancy Bear hackers tried to penetrate thousands of email inboxes belonging to the top echelons of the US diplomatic, defence & security services. read more


Bermuda Super Rich Hack

Trouble In Paradise: Bermuda based law firm suffers a 'data security incident' releasing secret information about its extremely wealthy clients. read more


UK Must Prepare For The 4th Industrial Revolution

Made Smarter: Advanced digital technology could give UK manufacturing a huge boost and create hundreds of thousands of jobs. read more


M15 Issues A Threat Warning

MI5's Director General says that Britain is facing an unrelenting offensive from a growing pool of UK  jihadist extremists. read more


Cyberwarfare: US Launches DDoS Attacks Against N. Korea

Under orders from President Trump to get more aggressive, US Cyber Command has been stepping up online attacks against North Korea. read more


Russia Provides New Internet Connection To N.Korea

No Sanctions: A major Russian telecommunications company has begun providing a back-up Internet connection to North Korea. read more


Three Ways The IoT Can Drive Business

ValueIt’s not always clear exactly how businesses & customers are supposed to actually benefit from IoT. The experts at Forrester think they know how. read more


Making It Big in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity expertise is one of the most in-demand skills and those with security proficiency have the most promising career options. read more


Maritime Cybersecurity: No Substitute for Testing

Preparedness, in the form of testing maritime cybersecurity via different tools to detect potential attacks, is vital for minimizing risks. By Chronis Kapalidis. read more


NSA Should Thank Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden’s decision in 2013 to leak secret documents about America’s mass surveillance programs has brought about major reforms. read more


Criminalised: Watching Terrorist Propaganda Online

Watching streamed extremist material online will be a criminal offence in Britain in plans to crackdown on terrorist propaganda. read more


Social Media & 21st-Century Warfare

Russia’s use of social media to influence the US elections demonstrates how warfare has moved away from the battlefield and toward the Internet. read more


South Korean Banks Brace For Electro-Magnetic Pulse

South Korean banks are drawing up plans to protect critical electronic data from a potential electromagnetic pulse emanating from North Korea. read more

NotPetya Much Worse Than WannaCry

NotPetya was 2017's most damaging ransomware attack, beating notable campaigns such as Locky and WannaCry, according to malware experts. read more

Government Cyber War Games

Australia is testing cyber resilience with a 'War Game' competition between the federal government's biggest agencies. Who won? read more

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