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Newsletter November #4 2017

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Management Coverup At Uber

After 57m Customers HackedShowing a remarkable lack of integrity, Uber's management kept the massive data breach secret for more than a year after paying off the hackers to be quiet. read more


Russia Attacked The UK & Faked Brexit Tweets

The National Cyber Security Centre publicly confirms that Russia made cyber attacks on major UK energy, technology & media companies and interfered in the Brexit referendum. read more


MI5 In The Clear Over Terror Attacks

An independent review will clear MI5 and police of making mistakes that allowed terrorists to strike British cities and recommends a 'terror-spotting' algorithm. read more


N. Korean Hackers Plan to Devastate UK

Hacking groups linked to North Korea will continue to assault the UK with major cyber attacks says former GCHQ Director Robert Hannigan. read more


DDoS Attack? There Is An App For That

Security expert Brian Krebs tells the story of Ragebooter, a do-it-yourself Denial of Service App that is readily available to Android users. read more


Computers Say ‘No’ But AI’s Decisions Must Be Fair & Transparent

Researchers have documented a long list of AIs that make bad decisions because of coding mistakes or ingrained biases in the training data. read more


Artificial Intelligence Needs Regulation

As AI becomes widely available it is driving forward a broad range of industrial applications, but there are some very real concerns over cybersecurity. read more


Businesses Need Cyber Security Insurance

It used to be simple … If your employee stole cash from your business or forged a cheque, your commercial insurance policy would cover it. Not any more. read more


The New GDPR Rules & Consumer Protection

Companies that comply with the rules and choose to be transparent with consumers will benefit from a longer and more valuable relationship with consumers. read more


In Demand: Cybersecurity Specialists

Cybersecurity is a high paying career yet many job positions are still unfilled and companies are desperate to hire qualified professionals. Education is the key. read more


First EU Cyber Defence Exercise

In a simulation, EU Defence Ministers faced sabotage to a joint  naval mission and a co-ordinated social media campaign to discredit them. How did that go? read more


Is Your Data Being Sold On The Dark Web?

Experts say the number of forums of interest to business cybersecurity professionals is actually quite small as a proportion of the total Dark Web. read more


Thomson Reuters Create A Knowledge Meta-Graph

A new financial services tool charting over 2 billion connections between people, organisations & metadata within the financial ecosystem. read more

A Response Solution to Cyber Attacks

Verint has a cyber security solution designed for customers with large security operations centre which uses data mining software. read more

When Guns And AI Work TogetherAs with smart lamps, TVs, thermostats and smart cars, AI  technology is making guns a lot more intelligent. read more

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