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Newsletter October #1 2017

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Equifax Executives Resign Without Charge

After an estimated 143 million Americans' personal information was accessed by hackers targeting Equifax Inc. the CIO and CSO step down. read more


Russia Attacked By ‘Full Scale Cyber War’

Telephone Terrorism: Russia is suffering a "full-scale cyberwar" that authorities say they are are ill-equipped to fight. read more


Global Cyber Conflict Is Close

It is probable, not just possible, that cyberattacks will soon shut down power grids, paralyse financial data systems & cause military equipment to malfunction. read more


Dragonfly Threat: Hackers Will Sabotage Power Grids

The experts at Symantec say a hacking campaign is underway, targeting the energy sector in Europe and the US to  sabotage national power grids. read more


Fake Facebook Ads Surged During The US Presidential Election

Facebook now admits that fake accounts probably operated from Russia bought thousands of divisive advertisements on during the 2016 US election. read more


Cybersecurity Investigations After US Naval Collision

Probing for potential  cyber intrusions will become a standard procedure following unexplained collision  damage to a US guided missile destroyer. read more


Is the Flying Car Ready For Take-off?

As densely populated cities become bigger and more congested several well-funded new companies are developing urban flying cars. read more


Cybersecurity Tips For Smaller Businesses

Forget “It’ll never happen to us”. Small businesses are big targets for hackers, and the financial implications can be crippling. Protect yourselves. read more


Universities Are Targets For Cyber Criminals

The number of cyber attacks on British universities has doubled over the past year as criminals, attempt to steal important research. read more


Spy Chiefs Set Sights On AI And Cyber

US intelligence directors are in agreement: the ability to harness data and artificial intelligence is a major priority for the intelligence community. read more


Put Your Physical Security Into The Cloud

The cloud revolution has the potential to change every aspect of physical security, offering ways of doing things that never existed before. read more


AI Is Streamlining Marketing & Sales

Artificial Intelligence and autonomous algorithms are making and saving money every day for the businesses that deploy them. read more


US Police Real-Time Mapping Of Terrorist Attacks

A new technology for police and other first-responders supplies a real-time mapping capability to deal with active shooting attacks. read more

India Cracks Down On Drones

India will upgrade its airports and airstrips in view of the unregulated use of drones and the constant threat from terror groups. read more

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