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Newsletter October #2 2017

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Russian Spies Used Kaspersky Anti-V To Hack NSA

Sources claim Russian hackers accessed top secret NSA data via the private computer of a contractor which was running Kaspersky software. read more


In The House Or In The Cloud: Which Is More Secure?

There are many reasons to deliberate carefully before choosing an in-house or cloud service delivery model. read more


Robots Take Over The World’s Work

For so many jobs, machines are faster, more consistent, smarter, and cheaper than you or I will ever be. So why not tax them? read more


Big Data - Big Changes Coming

There is one hurdle to the rapid growth of data: A shortage of highly skilled individuals who can analyse and crunch the data to make it valuable. read more


AI Makes People In Your Business More Important

AI is already a part of many consumer applications and is fast becoming a larger part of our work environment. But if you want subtlety, get a human. read more


What is Big Data?

When people talk about big data, they mean the ability to take large portions of data, analyse it, and turn it into something useful. But it is more than that. read more


The Shifting Sands of Cybersecurity

Today’s security teams need to come up with new tactics to fend off more advanced threats resulting from increasingly interconnected enterprise networks. read more


The Hidden History of CyberCrime Forums

In 2001 a crime forum created to monetise stolen credit card numbers formed the framework for today's criminal underground. read more


N.Korea's Cyber Threats To S.Korea

Alongside the escalating missile threat N Korea is stepping up cyber intrusions with fake communications and hacking attacks. read more


China Will  Use AI To Predict Civil Disorder

China’s domestic intelligence chief tells police to use Artificial Intelligence to improve their ability to predict and prevent terrorism and social unrest. read more


Iranian Hackers Linked To Malware

Iran has earned a reputation for aggressive state-sponsored hacking, stealing data from corporate and government networks around the world. read more


A Global Issue: Cybercrime In Singapore

Cybercrime in Singapore nearly doubled between 2014 and 2016 and it is a penalty of a high level of connectivity. read more

Local Government Computer Systems Are Soft Targets

Even a small vulnerability can lead to big problems. A hack affecting NY state police illustrates the vulnerability of local government networks.  read more

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