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Newsletter October #3 2017

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Russia’s Digital Weapons Refined Against Ukraine

Russia is developing and refining a generation of powerful new cyber weapons by experimenting on neighbouring Ukraine. read more


Cybersecurity And Media Companies

Media companies are seeing an increased frequency of cyber-attacks and an enhanced sophistication & complexity to such attacks. read more


Kaspersky Says We Can Trust Him

Eugene Kaspersky denies that the firm he founded is too close to the Russian government and insists it poses no danger to its American customers. read more


A 9-Step Guide For GDPR Compliance

In May 2018, the General Data Privacy Regulation will take effect, significantly altering the way organisations handle and store data. Be prepared. read more


Transforming Your Database

The love affair with the big matrix of bits is slowly fading as developers are realizing that not everything fits into a simple table. read more


Preventing The Hacked AI Apocalypse

As attacks are an increasingly worrisome threat to the performance of artificial intelligence applications, can AI be trusted? read more


In Demand: New Tech Against Drone Attacks

Critical infrastructure and public security are highly exposed to the threat of drone attacks and this is a big concern for law enforcement worldwide. read more


Wanted: A New Microchip For The AI Era

The coming AI revolution faces a big hurdle: the limitations of today’s microchips as conventional chip design reaches its limits. read more


Will Germany's New Social Media Law Kill Free Speech?

The new NetzDG law will impose huge fines on social networks for not deleting illegal content, which has attracted an unusual collection of opponents. read more


Using Big Data To Improve Customer Experience & Finanacial Results

Technology can provide businesses decision makers with tools and capabilities that optimise operations, maximise revenue and minimise waste. read more


Machine Learning is Transforming Data

While machine learning might seem a newly emerging trend, which it most certainly is, it is also a breakthrough that has been a long time coming. read more


More Sensitive US Voter Records Leaked

Alaskan Voters Go AWOL: A cache of voter records on over a half-million US citizens  has been found posted online. read more

British Police’s First Cyber Dogs

The first FBI-trained cyber dogs have been successfully used by British police to help bring paedophiles to justice. read more

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