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Newsletter September #2 2017

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Disastrous Equifax Breach Exposes 44% Of The US Population

Executives are running for cover as the credit reporting giant Equifax loses the confidential data of 143m users to criminal hackers. read more


Will Cyber Warfare Remove Kim From N. Korea?

Military invasion. Sending in a hit squad. Tougher sanctions. Maybe there is a safer route to deposing the renegade N Korean leader. read more


US Conducts Computer War Games in Response to N. Korea Missile Launch

The US military and Pacific allies conducting air drills over the Korean peninsula in conjunction with computer attack simulations. read more


Car Industry In Crisis Over AI and Hackers

To become secure, car security technology requires broad, sweeping changes in standards and the ways that in-vehicle networks & devices are made. read more


Police Spy On Their Own: Twitter Accounts Scrutinised

Revealed: A year-long probe into the anonymous Twitter accounts of officers of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). read more


WikiLeaks: The Biter Bit

WikiLeaks suffered an embarrassing cyber attack when Saudi Arabian-based hacking group OurMine took over its web address. read more


Crime Has Become Cybercrime

'Ordinary' criminals are making an easy transition to becoming cybercriminals and are beginning to remodel their organizations for greater efficiency. read more


Is The US Constitutional Right To Free Speech Threatened Online?

The fate of the Daily Stormer, a Nazi hate site that has been kicked off the Internet, signals the increasing irrelevance of the 1st Amendment. read more


US Navy’s State-of-The-Art AI Drone

The US Navy is looking for a drone that can fly over a damaged airfield and come up with a plan to get planes back in the air quickly. read more


IoT For Business & Creating 'Digital Twins'

If your organisation is planning to leverage the Internet of Things it needs to become familiar with the concept of the “digital twin.” read more


Essentials: A Cybersecurity Strategy For Healthcare

Hospitals and health systems need to make sure their cybersecurity strategies are primed to keep them ahead of their threats. read more


AI Attacks Are Just Around The Corner

Hackers will get help from robots and artificial intelligence. The first AI-enhanced cyber-attack could come in the next 12 months. read more


How Dangerous Is ISIS In The Cyber Domain?

ISIS has a wide range of commercial technological capabilities and knows how to use the power of social media to conduct global operations. read more

Will The CIA Be Run By  Robots…?

The intelligence community has been eyeing artificial intelligence and machine learning to replace the routine tasks analysts perform. read more

Millions of Instagram Users Hacked

Claims that six million Instagram accounts have been hacked and 'Facebook/Instagram has not yet fully understood the full scope of the exploit'. read more

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