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Newsletter September #3 2017

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Wikileaks Release Details Of Mass Surveillance In Russia

For the first time Wikileaks has released (what it claims is) material directly pertaining to the Russian state and its mass surveillance apparatus. read more


New AI Claims To Determine If You Are Gay Or Straight.

Hard To Believe: Artificial Intelligence can accurately guess whether people are gay or straight, based on photos of their faces. read more


FBI Wants To Ditch Kaspersky

The FBI seem to think the Kaspersky cybersecurity company is a Russian stooge that can't be trusted with protecting America's critical infrastructure. read more


Angela Merkel’s Ally Caught In Cyber Attack As Election Looms

Julia Kloeckner, a leading figure in the German CDU party, has her website hit by thousands of cyber attacks from Russian IP addresses. read more


What Is Selling On the DarkNet?

Illegal guns. Drugs. Counterfeit money. Ransomware. Credit card data. German Federal Police turn a spotlight on the Dark Net. read more


The EU Holds Its First Cyber War Game Exercise

Crisis Management: European Union national defense ministers have been taking part in a simulated cyber attack exercise for the first time. read more


Measuring the Economic Value of Data

Data is one of the most important assets that a company has and they should put the same rigour into the value of their data as into their physical assets. read more


Cyberwar: A Guide

At its core, cyber warfare is the use of digital attacks by one country to disrupt the computer systems of another to create significant destruction. read more


Cybercrime In The EU -  Where Are You Safe?

Website Builder Expert recently conducted research into just how vulnerable computer users in the EU are to cybercrime. There are some surprises. read more


Cyber Insurance Report 2017 - 2018(£)

New cyber threats are constantly evolving and all organisations must improve their cybersecurity preparedness. Here's how. read more


India’s Cyber Insurance Business Is Flourishing

Cyber risk is a major threat to Indian businesses today as companies face new vulnerabilities due to their ever increasing exposure. read more


Cyber Vulnerability Affecting 745,000 Pacemakers

Three quarters of a million implanted heart pacemakers are confirmed as having cybersecurity issues that could allow them be hacked. read more


The IoT Will Bring Cyberwar Close To Home

Industrial & military control systems are considered the targets in cyber warfare, but one consequence of the IoT will be to bring the battlefield into our homes. read more

Canadian University Hit For $12m Phishing Scam

MacEwan University said its IT systems are secure after the institution was defrauded of nearly $12m in a phishing scam, compounded by human error. read more

What Is The Stuxnet Worm?

Stuxnet is a computer worm that  targets industrial control systems to inflict damage, but is most famous for being the first genuine cyber weapon. read more

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