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Newsletter April #1 2018

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Surveillance 'Rebranded'

Edward Snowden thinks that social media platforms have deceived their users and are in fact the same as surveillance companies. read more


Police Arrest Bank Hacker Who Stole $1B

The leader of the gang behind the Carbanak and Cobalt malware used to  attack over 100 financial institutions worldwide has been arrested.  read more


Julian Assange Has His Internet Connection Cut

Ecuador has cut asylum seeker Julian Assange's Internet connection at its London embassy to prevent him  'interfering in other countries' affairs'. read more


Cambridge Analytica Used Proton

Mail To Hide Email Paper TrailsControversial data firm Cambridge Analytica used a “secure, secret email system” for correspondence between the company and third parties. read more


The Cambridge Analytica Row Shows Politics Are Moving In A Disturbing Direction

Nearly all the digital methods used by Cambridge Analytica are both perfectly legal and widespread. So what's the problem?  By Jamie Bartlett. read more


Have You Gauged The Cost Of A Cloud Outage?

Many organisations have not fully evaluated the cost of a cloud outage to their business and are ill prepared to deal with the impact of an outage. read more


Healthcare Security Should Use More Sophisticated Tools

IT staff for healthcare providers must regularly update their cybersecurity practices to keep them ahead of  emerging security challenges. read more


Cybersecurity Incidents Are Major Business Disruptions

Insurance giant Allianz finds that cyber incidents and major business interruptions are interlinked and cybersecurity is an urgent priority. read more


A Data Protection Officer's Guide To The GDPR Galaxy

Is the imminent GDPR deadline freaking you out? These five tips might help you calm down, at least a little bit. read more


Staying One Step Ahead Of Cyber Spies

Growth Market: GCHQ estimate that 34 separate nations have serious, well-funded cyber espionage teams targeting friends and foes alike. read more


US Imposes Cyber Sanctions On Iran

Iran is protesting about US sanctions imposed on 10 citizens and a tech firm accused of cyber attacks on at least 320 universities worldwide. read more


The Symphonic Enterprise

Strategy, Technology & Operations Working Together: How leading companies can leverage technology broadly across the enterprise. read more


Self-driving Uber Vehicle Strikes & Kills

Uber has halted testing of its autonomous vehicles in the USA after a woman was struck and killed by one of its self-driving cars in  Arizona. read more

Europol Chief Moves to Deloitte

Exec.Director Rob Wainwright is leaving the EU police intelligence agency to run Deloitte’s cybersecurity practice. read more

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