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Newsletter April #2 2018

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Inside the Big Business Of Cyber Crime

Just as big businesses operate based on regulations, the laws of supply and demand, even customer reviews, so does the online black market. read more


The Cambridge Analytica Case Is A Red Herring

There is nothing that Cambridge Analytica could have done with user data that Facebook itself doesn't routinely offer political clients. read more


Using GDPR Compliance To Excel at CRM

GDPR offers an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to provide better data security and privacy services to their customers. read more


IBM’s Watson Takes On The IoT

IBM Watson Assistant is a new artificial intelligence assistant designed to work with autonomous and IoT devices. read more


Fake News Will Lead To A Cyber War

When people start to believe everything they read, it makes the world a very unpredictable place. In the real world, fake news is a form of cyber attack. read more


Home Working Is A Threat To Cybersecurity

Forget About BYOD: Charity sector workers should avoid taking work devices and sensitive work information home with them. read more


Iranian Hackers Adopt New Methods

An Iranian espionage group has been using new malware and data exfiltration techniques in recent attacks, say the experts at  Nyotron. read more


Fixing Hacks Has A Deadly Impact On Hospitals

A study from Vanderbilt University shows that remediating data breaches has a very real impact on mortality rates at hospitals. read more


Cyber Terrorism Will Be A Top Threat By 2020

Nation-state sponsored cyber terrorism will be a top threat by 2020 and unprepared organisations incapable of responding quickly will crumble. read more


Denmark: A Leader In Cyber Security

Denmark is amongst those countries that suffer from the lowest numbers of cyber attacks, despite being a highly networked nation. read more


The Cloud Is A Key To Cyber Defence

Organisations need to grasp security intelligence and act on it faster to get ahead of attackers. Cloud-based security can make that possible. read more


Criminal Web-Injects Can Steal Cryptocurrency

Criminals are deploying a variety of tactics to try and profit from the cryptocurrency boom, including web-injects to intercept & modify web traffic. read more


Cambridge Analytica, Facebook & GDPR

The UK Information Commissioner has her work cut out deciding  if there has been any illegality in her jurisdiction. Would it be different after GDPR? read more

TOR: How to Access the Dark Web Anonymously

Are you trying to find out how to access the dark web? You will need an anoymising browser, but it is unreliable, slow and you might not like it. read more

AI Won’t Replace The Human Brain

Startup Nectome thinks it is possible to create a map of all of the brain's neuron connections, a "connectome", to make an artificial reconstruction. read more

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